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Touch Me Gently by J.R. Loveless
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Jul 19, 2011

bookshelves: pre-2012-read, queerlit, romance, contemporary, adult-fiction, western
Read on July 19, 2011 — I own a copy , read count: 1

This book, for me, goes between a 2 and a 4. In a way, it was sweet. It was a nice premise - an abused boy finding love and all that. I finished it in one go and it put a smile on my face. However, here are some points I disliked:

- Kaden being referred to as 'the teen(ager)'. Constantly. OK, we get it, Logan is older. But not even that old! At only 28, the writer made him seem at least 45. Also, 'my little one' was just cringe-worthy
- The instances that show Logan's jealousy. My Goodness, man. That made me wince and pull back, thinking 'Oh, here I see a sequel, and Logan saying something along the lines of: Baby, I love you. You know I only go crazy because I love you and don't want to lose you. I promise I'll try to contain myself from being angry at you and hitting every man that ever touches you.
- constant shifting POV. It's almost like a staple in m/m erotica. WHY???? If you really want to alternate POV, do the shifts per chapter, not paragraph
- Logan seemed to have accepted his guycrush far too easily. He didn't even make a comment about all the physical stuff being new to him, when he got together with Kaden.
- Sex happened kind of soon
- The bad things just never stopped. It ended up being unnecessary, manipulative and tiring by the end, rather than emotionally engaging. The last 60 or so pages felt unnecessary. I would chuck out the whole thing with the (view spoiler)
- Kaden is a strong individual to have gone through all that and survived, but it just doesn't show. His mental state is understandable, but... I can't explain it... the whole thing felt soft. Like big hero and a maiden in danger. A little more personality on both their parts would have been good.

By the end, I didn't feel like they would ever have a relationship of equals. And while there are different personality types - those who like to be the caretakers and those who like to be cared for - it just left me with a feeling of lingering sadness by the time I reached the epilogue. I would have like to see Kaden grown some more. I felt like Kaden would always be the frightened little colt, and Logan would be the big mama bear, not giving Kaden a chance to develop into a strong, independent individual. I wanted it so much for him.

I did like the book, though. I can't say I wanted to chuck it across the room (even though it may seem that way due to all the above points). I liked Kaden, I felt for him. I wanted good things to happen to him. Logan's sister, as well, was a great addition to the book. She seemed like a wicked awesome girl.
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