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Jul 18, 12

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Read in July, 2011

yesterday i was in a discussion with some dude about teen fiction, and why it is so damn compelling and why we were lately reading it to the exclusion of all other literature,despite our grown status, and his reason was because of the instant gratification of it - that the pacing is such that it can generally be read in one sitting and you want to keep reading it. and it doesn't mean that it is mindless, like a lot of adult page-turner fiction, but that it is frequently too exciting to stop reading. and i actually tend to be less indulgent with YA authors than adult authors, because if i feel they are trying to pull a fast one or get sloppy/lazy because of the age of their audience, i get pissed, so i am not just reading it without my critical faculties.

i like to think of myself as a discriminating YA reader with a narrow focus. take your love stories and shove 'em. i don't care about your divorced parents or your worries over college or your love for some long-dead sparkle of a boy.

i wanna see you survive.
go on, survive for me.

i am so glad we are still in the end times/dystopian phase of YA lit. there is so much to read, i can barely keep up! and then tommy goes and gives me ARCs and i swoon with pleasure.

however. i will say that the pacing in this one really made me mad. i brought it to my jury duty, unread, thinking, i will probably be able to finish this before my servitude is over. and then i went and finished it with three hours left to go! fortunately, i brought a back-up book, but you try reading small-printed dense biography/history when the family feud is on in the background, a show which makes you stupider just by being in the same room as a television showing it. survey says: kill yourself.

i had not noticed the television at all when reading dark inside. i even read through that promotional video they make you watch about the role and responsibility of the jury
bad juror.

this is like a YA version of david moody's hater and dog blood series. after a mighty earthquake, something is released that causes ordinary people to just start killin'. some people remain unaffected, and they are the hunted.

can you tell who is a killer and who is not??

um... sometimes.
best be careful.

there are so many great scenes in here, none of which i can talk about because they are better left to be discovered by a reader. there is one supremely ballsy scene in which a character does something selfish but understandable and many people suffer because of it that i hope does not get softened by anything in the sequel. if this were australian YA fiction, i would not even question it. american YA... it would be likely that somehow things would still turn out okay.

canadian YA?? well, let's wait and see.

i feel like this should have been much much longer; there's like a big game-changing situation that happens 3/4 of the way through, and this "turn" happened so late in the book that it seems cruel to make readers wait for another book right when things started changing!

come on!

i resent you, ARC, because first i have to wait for this book to come out for you regular folk (heh heh) and then i have to wait for a whole 'nother book before i can be satisfied.

so for all my throes of excitement over the pacing of YA, it frequently just ruins my life. thankfully, there is a ton of the stuff out there. this one is just better than most.
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The Crimson Fucker first~!

karen hahahaha yeah - no one wanted to chat about this book!

The Crimson Fucker well it is an ARC! so there is that! not many kids read it yet! and then you talked about jury duty! (hehe! duty!) didn't you see that episode of Becker where he goes to jury duty and tries to read a book... and no lawyer wants a jury member who knows how to read... and he keeps being sent back to the waiting room... and eventually ends up watching the stupid show (i think it was a soap opera) on tv with the rest of the people! and when he finally manages to stop talking about his book and start talking about the awesomeness of the soap opera he gets elected as a jury!?

The Crimson Fucker heheheh! i'm still laughing about duty!

karen i am still laughing about becker

The Crimson Fucker I KNOW!!!! it is a funny show!!!!

karen yeah, i have never seen it - i was more laughing at the mental image of you sitting down to watch becker

The Crimson Fucker i'm confused now! why is that funny!??? it is a great show!!! i dont know why it got canceled! i used to watched with subtitles so i think i should re-watch maybe it is funnier than what i remember it!!!

karen no, you are probably the right demographic. i just think it is funny, is all.

The Crimson Fucker -_-

i dont get it! and i think there is some hidden racism in here!!! and you know how i feel about racism!!!!!!

karen i know it doesn't count if it involves asians. right??

where is eh!? anyway?

The Crimson Fucker proly buying some boy pants or something like that!

still! she haven't been around much lately! i think she has a new gay boyfriend!

karen i want to be her gay boyfriend!

Eh?Eh! You lacists! You up the shut!

karen careful, she's driving!!

Eh?Eh! Get out my way, honky!

The Crimson Fucker oh god!!! she is riding QWERTY!!!! (get it!? riding QWERTY???) like riding dirty! god! i'm so funny!!!!!



i'm pretty sure there most be something about asian chicks driving in the freaking terror laws!!!

Eh?Eh! Deploy me in the Middle East! My reign of terror would bring peace when everyone banded together to make me stop driving.

The Crimson Fucker yeah... na! say what you want about the crazy people* in the middle east! but they should know how to keep their women where they belong!!!!!!!

*: when talking about the crazy people in the middle east i mean the crazy terrorist fucks!!! not everybody! if anybody is offended by my comment... well too bad i dont give a fuck!

Eh?Eh! Sexist! I run over you!

The Crimson Fucker allow me to quote myself!!!!

"i'm telling it how it is!!!!"

karen wow - a disclaimer?? it's like you are growing up before my very eyes!

The Crimson Fucker then i said i dont give a fuck!!!! give me some credit here! i'm still an immature racist asshole!

Crowinator Go, YA! (c: I liked that scene with Michael, too; I think that's the one you're referencing and it had the most emotional impact for me.

karen i have forgotten character names, but it is the scene... in the house... with the people... it is probably the same one.

Aly (Fantasy4eva) I'm glad you liked this one too. It really ended up surprising me ;)

Crowinator lol, karen. I think so too.

message 28: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra I love your reviews! I keep constantly adding the book to my 'to-read' list! Can't wait for exams to be over so I can sit down and actually read the lot of them.

karen i just got the sequel to this and i can't wait to read it - hopefully one more for your to-read.... when it comes out muah hahahaahaaaaa

message 30: by Sandra (new) - added it

Sandra hahaha I think I'm going to refrain from checking this website for a while... it's too much of a tease :p

message 31: by Nicole (new) - added it

Nicole You are such a book-tease.

karen i know, i am the worst. but the next few books i am planning to read are all available for your hot little hands!

message 33: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa This is a fantastic explanation of why I read YA books. I feel like you reached into my head and plucked this right out. I've never been able to put it into words before. You freaking nailed it. Thank you!

karen eeeeee!!! thank you!! i am fiddling in your head!

message 35: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa Then I am thinking totally normal, not at all weird things. It's really boring. You'll probably fall asleep.

karen hahaah reverse psychology won't work on me!

message 37: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa Damn and blast! (Also: Becker was terrible. I also thought that was a joke ^ haha.)

karen it is the darndest thing....

message 39: by Mia (new) - added it

Mia I am crying with laughter! Amazing review

karen huzzah! thanks!

Haley There's so much truth in this review. Thank you.

karen hahah thank YOU!

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