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Mr. Darcy's Undoing by Abigail Reynolds
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Jul 19, 2011

it was ok
Read on October 19, 2011

2.5 stars though I would have given this novel a higher rating if the love was kept in clean taste (even a 4 perhaps). I loved the story line - Darcy returns to Netherfield shortly after his visit in Kent. He wants to know if Elizabeth has forgiven him after his letter and hopes to re-unite Bingley with Jane. He wants to prove himself to be the man Elizabeth would want him to be but is utterly shocked and grieved when he learns she is engaged. Lizzy becomes engaged to a lifelong friend Mr. Covington that she never thought about romantically but considered an amiable man and could not find fault with him when her proposed(though she possessed no passionate feelings for him). You learn in the novel WHY she thought she needed to accept him though she clearly rejected 2 marriage proposals prior to this. When Darcy returns, he makes her heart race and she begins to enjoys a friendship with him when he accompanies Bingley on his visits to Jane. One of the funniest scenes is when Elizabeth's fiance comes to vist on one such an occasion. Darcy instead of going walking with Jane and Bingley as invited to do, chooses to enjoy refreshments with Elizabeth and Mr. Covington. Fist he just wants to observe them and see what Elizabeth sees in this man, jealous overwhelms him - he doesn't want another man looking at his Elizabeth and he certainly doesn't want to leave them alone and then.. he mocks him to Elizabeth. One of the most heart-pulling scenes is when Darcy comes to comfort Elizabeth when he hears the news of Lydia though Bingley. He wants to put his arms around her and console her but knows he doesn't have the right as she is promised to another. But when Mr. Covington arrives to comfort Lizzy and take her into his arms and Elizabeth finally loses all emotion and starts shobbing uncontrollable, Darcy realizes that he should not there and leaves. He thinks he has lost her to him and doesn't know the real reason Elizabeth is crying. When Darcy is away in London Elizabeth realizes how much she misses him and that she is about to marry a man she can never love because she loves another. One of my favorite scenes is when Darcy returns just for one day to say goodbye to Elizabeth. SPOILERS ALERT: He begs her forgiveness for what he's about to do and kisses her softly just to feel her lips one time in his life. Then he wishes her happiness for her future marriage and leaves. WOW! Talk about emotional!! Then the novel fast-forwards to 5 months later when Darcy returns for Bingleys wedding to Jane. He assumes that Elizabeth is now Mrs. Covington but when he learns she is still a Miss Bennett he must learn what happend and WHY she's decided to be single for life. Now he wants her and will do whatever it takes to have her. This is where the novel gets spoiled for me. He tries to win her over with his many kisses (fine I get that) but many times it goes way too far. Would Elizabeth allow a man she will not accept to kiss her that way? Would Darcy really dishonor her so? And if they do come to an understanding of sorts, would Darcy really compromise her? Unlikely and yet that is what Abigal Reynolds did in this novel. I hated that Darcy could not have maintained enough self control to wait. So if you want to read a P&P style clean-romance story of Darcy & Elizabeth, this isn't it. So halfway through the novel I became to disappointed. If only Abigail Reynolds gave Darcy more self-control I would have loved this novel as their conversations were so passionate. There was such love in Darcys words to Elizabeth as he wanted to win her over and such an inner struggle for Elizabeth with her feelings for Darcy that it would have been enough to make it a great novel. However, it was ruined with immorral passion that would never have taken place among these 2 great characters.
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