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Night Road by Kristin Hannah
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Jul 19, 2011

really liked it
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Read in April, 2011

This book is all steak, but no sizzle. I missed the sizzle.

I read this book, start to finish, in one day. It was the type of story that a reader will undoubtably find hard to put simply **need** to know what happens next. So, for the that reason alone, this book is a consumable read, and it won 4 stars. But, if it was worthy of an entire day's focus, why not 5? Here is why..

Good books, really, really good books make you *feel* for the characters. You fall in love with them, and that is the sizzle a novel can stand upon. The ability for a character to shine, good writing or bad, happy ending or sad, is what I describe as a literary gravity--they pull you in and don't let you go, even after the final page.

Kristin Hannah wrote a book with potential. She created a web of characters whom are relevant and modern. Hannah created drama, passion, heartbreak and a pinch of redemption. It was a pretty solid recipe when it comes to Chick Fic.


Hannah fails to make you *love* the characters and she rushed the book along at a pace, while enticing and page turning, leaves much, much, much to be desired. The relationships don't build and blossom, they have more a cold/hot tendency...the characters are "here" then "there" and the reader is just expected to keep up. So, eventually when you do reach the major turning points for these characters, you're not as emotionally involved and devastated and relieved as you could have been had more focus been given to the "sizzle". It makes it borderline unbelievable. Huge chunks of this story are missing, and it is in those chunks that your connection, as the reader, to the book would have been built.

At the end of the novel when I was thinking about this review, I felt like Kristin Hannah either burnt out or was under a deadline. She simply doesn't provide enough "time" in her book to do the job 100%. It wasn't BAD, and I'm not trying to convey that...I'm simply saying it was LACKING in a key way.
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Gems Great review- I've just finished the book and although I couldn't put it down it definitely lacked sizzle! The fairytale ending was just a little too cheesy- and the only character developments after the tragedy were really with Jude and I found her irritating!! I thought it was unrealistic to portray Lexie as the same person as before- surely 5 years away would change some emotions?

Loved the book until the "tragedy" but lacked content for me after that- she tried to put too much in I think?

Really liked your review- thanks

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Ashley, you write great reviews.

Phyllis That is a great review. I totally felt the same way about the characters. It seems she worked more on the story than the character development. I was not nearly as emotionally connected to the people in this book as I have been in other books I have read.

Kemi I felt the same way about the ending. I kept looking at the last 40 pages, thinking, "There is no way this book can end yet. There is too much to figure out, still." And yet, it ended. Just like that. I felt like I read myself into a wall. I loved the story, I just felt like the ending was too rushed, and too perfect. You hit the nail on the head when you said she didn't provide enough "time" to give the story a proper ending. Perhaps an epilogue would have been (slightly) more satisfying.

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