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Abducting Andrea by Cheryl Dragon
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Jul 18, 2011

it was ok
Read on August 16, 2011

I had high hopes for this book, but unfortunately it didn't deliver. The writing wasn't all too well and the story went by way too fast. I was tempted to just skip through it and a few times just turn away, but I pushed through till the end. And, I'm disappointed.

Liked: There were some moments and surprisingly they weren't the sex scenes. One scene that stuck with me was when Andrea wore one of Jake's shirts. Jake just seemed so enthralled with her just simply wearing his shirt. And the way he stared at her breasts, knowing they were nude along with her ass which he took time to peak at.

I liked the cover also. It's different and what drew me in in the first place.

Disliked: Way too fast. One minute Jake is telling himself that he needs to control himself around Andrea and do his job to protect her, but then the minute he handcuffs her to the bed so she doesn't run away, he's kissing her and pulling out the paddle. His job is to protect her right? Well, how is he supposed to do that if he's getting dirty with the women?

The sex scenes were many but quick and didn't get me hot. Actually made me annoyed. And the many times Jake said, "You like it," and, "You want it," just got tiring after a while.

This book is the first in the Raider's Bodyguard Service series and I had been looking forward to reading the second one Pushing Penny where Penny has a bit more meat on her bones. However, if it's anything like this one, then I'm afraid I won't be reading it.


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