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Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach
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Nov 16, 11

bookshelves: 2011

I discovered Stupid Fast at a local Barnes & Noble about a month ago. I only had a little bit of time to read maybe five chapters (the chapters are fairly short) and that was just enough to get me totally hooked!
I mean really, could this book get any funnier? Felton Reinstein (and Geoff Herbach) have amazing senses of humor. I couldn’t stop laughing. Felton doesn’t think that he’s funny, but he doesn’t realize that he’s hilarious. He can also be a bit awkward, since he’s kind of a social outcast in his town, but it all changes in the summer! (Which is pretty much the course of the book.)
There’s a lot of problems going on in this novel, which only adds up to the angst you actually want to read about. It’s like It’s Kind of A Funny Story, if it wasn’t funny, it would be depressing! There are problems with his friends, his family, and the “honkies” and “townies”.
Fortunately, there are good things that happen in this book! Like meeting Aleah, having a major growth spurt (seriously, the dude is like two hundred pounds) and getting to be on the football team, just to name a few.
Stupid Fast is a great, quick summer read that won’t disappoint! I think this book is perfect for all teens, whether or not you’re a sports fan!

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07/26/2011 page 1
0.0% "@geoffherbach Totally excited for this!"
07/26/2011 page 37
12.0% "@geoffherbach OMG. "Look at me, I'm sixteen & I've got a license, and I'm driving up & down Main Street picking up dirty girls in the Pizza Hut parking lot. (You wanna make out? Okay!) CAN THIS GET ANY FUNNIER?!"
07/27/2011 page 115
36.0% "@geoffherbach Felton is hilarious."
07/28/2011 page 133
42.0% "@geoffherbach I WILL finish this book today!"
07/28/2011 page 149
47.0% "@geoffherbach "What's a chill pill?" L0L."
07/28/2011 page 298
93.0% "@geoffherbach Almost done!"
07/28/2011 page 309
97.0% "@geoffherbach Last chapter! I don't want this book to end!"
07/28/2011 page 320
100.0% "@geoffherbach Stupid Fast = STUPID GOOD."

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