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Palestine Peace Not Apartheid by Jimmy Carter
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Apr 29, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: general, below-average
Recommended for: People whose rich parents would drive them in a BMW to the revolution.

Carter, the fellow who backed monied interest bullies and poverty pimps in third world elections against “Liberation Theology” leaders and the poor wherever he was invited, and acted as postman to every terrorist who returned his call, again tries to play the game of honest broker.

What follows is not a geo-political discourse, though Carter brings it out in his book -- but calls into the question the credibilty of the author on the subject of human rights. One, I argue, the author of the book has little to espouse upon since he lacks experience in that area.

When he visited Haiti, he was met with graffiti calling him what he was: "Carter, a lawyer for soldiers and thugs." He is not a lawyer, but he pushed for the corrupt and trigger happy junta to be pardoned and not exiled while making the once Catholic "liberation theology" priest and former democratically elected president, Aristide, a pariah.

Carter knowingly and willfully armed Indonesia against Timor. He left hundreds of thousands dead there when he was president and knew that Indonesia was game hunting against Timor. His gun running for Indonesia occurred during the height of the Timor genocide. As his under-secretary of State, Holbrooke, said: "I want to stress I am not remotely interested in getting involved in an argument over the actual number of people killed. People were killed and that always is a tragedy but what is at issue is the actual situation in Timor today...what is the big fuss?"

He personally jump started Robert Mugabe's political career as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe, supported the Sandinistas over the objections of the later assassinated "liberation theology" archbishop of El Salvador, Oscar Romero. Carter also gave China full trading status rights despite its anti-human rights policy in promoting slavery and prison sweatshops.

He sucker-punched the Russians into invading Afghanistan while Carter funded and trained the Mujahadeen. Now we know who took over that role in that region. He financially punished the American farmer for his own deeds in Afghanistan, by blocking the farmer's from selling any more grain to Russia.

The Carter center? A rube's Valhalla for the wispy of mind, bought and paid for by such notables as the Saudi Bin-Ladin Group,Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan, Agha Hasan Abedi, King Fahd and other Saudi terrorist tied financiers which makes the Carter Center a 'non-partisan' fun place to work.

Any condemnation from Carter on how his financial backers rule a country which is the pits for human rights and still stone women? Of course not. Carter knows that money does not talk, it silences.

Bush and Reagan friends who owned Iran-Contra’s financial laundering cash cow, BCCI, took his peanut farm out of near bankruptcy.

Poor kid, he wants to be ever-so-popular with the bad boys on the playground. He is a 'death-eater' like other warped power brokers, despite his smoke and mirror halo.

One could argue if he is either incredibly cynical or deluded, but the verdict is pretty well evident he is yet another hypocrite in a long line of Reagan-Bush toadies. They went for the money, he went for the tin plate prize.

He does build a good house, though.
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