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Valiant by Jack Campbell
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Jul 18, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: science-fiction, military-science-fiction, space-opera

I've got to say I'm becoming quite a fan of this series (2 to go now). I was reading the Honor Harrington series and hit a wall with "Her Amazingness" after a while. I do like military science fiction and "good" space opera. I forget how I actually stumbled on these (an add from Audible I think) but the space navy adventure along with the "what would happen if" concerning certain standard mythological ideals, drew me right in.

The biggest problem for me in these books (but may be what some others enjoy most, so there you go) is the "interpersonal story". The on and off running romance tied into political intrigue with Co-President Rione drives me a bit crazy. Of course there's also the undeclared..."undeclare-able" love between Geary and his Flag Ship Captain (unheard of...how dishonorable, really..come now,) etc., etc., etc. It gets a little close to soap opera for my taste, but then I'm sure this is (as I noted) some readers' favorite part of the books.


But whether romance is your cup of tea or not there's plenty action to go along with it. Geary has doubled back to the Lakota Star System where things got very dodgy last time. This surprise move could give them the fighting chance of surprise...or end their hopes of getting the Lost Fleet back to Alliance Space at all.

Facing an enemy fleet in hostile space struggling against internal upheaval that ranges from resistance to his command all the way to attempted sabotage Geary tries to save his fleet. Always in the background of all this is the newly discovered knowledge that somewhere on the other side of Syndic space an unknown alien species is taking a hand in this human conflict. What do they want? The Syndics to win, the Alliance, or possibly the extinction of humanity itself?

As I said, I like these. And I plan to get back to the series as soon as possible (no really, I do. Maybe 6 or 7 books from now...instead of six or seven hundred).

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message 1: by Kara (new)

Kara They still sound interesting, but I think "gross-out" factor might actually be a deal-breaker for me... (I just never developed an appreciation for it, I guess.)

Mike (the Paladin) I assume this was meant for the review of Wendigo? I got a notification you had commented, there and then here. Somehow it must have gotten switched or shifted.

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