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The Swan Maiden by Heather Tomlinson
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Jul 18, 2011

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** I agree with many of the reviews that the beginning of the book was the best part because it had a very traditional once upon a time feel to it and the main character was a bullied third child. Even though the romance was a bit fast and unbelieveable(tomlinson could have provided more examples of the two falling in love or hinted more at it) I still liked the plot. The story started to drag for me in part two of the story where Doucette and Jaume had to run from her family. Doucette is barely likeable sometimes because she has a very immature personality. Not only is she timid and easily bullied but she is also petty and prone to the same unkindness her sisters exhibit. She complains a lot and never lets Jaume explain himself before leaving in a huff. Just because Jaume was laughing in the first part she got pissed and left and later because he let his DOG kiss him. That last part was trully a WTF moment for me because at this point she's just looking for excuses to leave the guy that went through hell to be with her?? Doucette as a character just confuses me and Jaume is no better. I mean who is totally ok with the same girl jilting you for no reason over and over and why is he in love with her in the first place?I cant believe he took her back in the end no questions asked. Most of the time i think Doucette is really just in love with her magic and to only reason she wanted Jaume is because hes a hottie and she wanted to detach herself from her stiffling family. Really her family is pretty messed up imo but i did like her sister Cecille cause shes a free spirited person who may play pranks but doesnt do it to be cruel.
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