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Raptor Red by Robert T. Bakker
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Aug 02, 2011

really liked it
Read from July 17 to 26, 2011

For starters, I'll say this: you have to be at least somewhat of a dinosaur enthusiast to thoroughly enjoy this book. Robert T. Bakker delves into the finer details of the dinosaurs' anatomy, behavioral traits, and setting, and while it makes for a lushly informative reading experience, I can't imagine a person uninterested in dinosaurs enjoying it to the fullest. It was obvious from page one that Bakker isn't just knowledgeable about dinosaurs, but a passionate expert and eloquent voice on the subject. And since I happen to be a big fan of raptors, this book was a real treat.

The story centers on our unlikely heroine, Raptor Red, an inquisitive and intelligent Utahraptor who has just lost her mate. She struggles along until she finds her sister and nieces, with whom she forms a family pack. Along the way she meets many different types of dinosaurs (all of which Bakker thoroughly investigates and explains), though the one that piques her interest the most is a young male Utahraptor, a candidate for her new mate. Torn between her sister and new consort, Raptor Red struggles to find the balance in her turbulent world. Above all social tension is the fierce compulsion to simply survive.

For the most part, the book swept along at a fast, action-packed clip. There were a few patches where the momentum ebbed, or where the information provided felt a bit burdensome. The strange mixture of scientific rhetoric and silly moments made for an engaging read. I found myself surprisingly moved by the scenes between Red and her new male consort; I have no idea how Bakker managed to squeeze adorable dinosaur love into his informational novel. Despite the fact that he didn't overly-personify any of the characters, the moments between Raptor Red and her new mate are oddly touching and sweet.

In summation, this is like a dinosaur version of Call of the Wild, though definitely one of the most uniquely-told stories I've ever read.

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