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Rockoholic by C.J. Skuse
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Jul 17, 11

‘The accidental kidnapping of the decade’ is certainly one way to describe the plot of this book, when I read the description of Rockaholic – my first reaction was this could never happen. But the more and more the story moves on and when looking at the place their heads these two individuals find themselves in the more bizarrely believable the story becomes.

It sounds funny and it is. Right from the first chapter. I can’t say from the first page as it starts in a place which would be described as anything but funny. But the humour and what I’m calling Jody logic makes me smile. She does things with good intentions but they have a nasty habit of backfiring leading to the most unusual let alone hilariously complex situations which would be notoriously difficult to get out of.

Mac was an awesome best friend – in my honest opinion he went far beyond the call of duty as far as best friends go and his (much) younger sister, Cree was just adorable, I could really imagine her walking off the page – her voice and actions were absolutely perfect!

This is in complete contradiction for Jackson, the Rockstar of Jody’s dreams. When I first got to know him I was left thinking ‘who does he think he is’. He seemed to be personifying the rock star bad guy and to be honest he sucked. That’s not to say however that he provided for some absolutely hilarious moments between him and Jody. Fear not though as I couldn’t hate him forever and by the end of the book I actually quite liked him.

Not one character was wasted – they all had something to do or say which moved the story forward in interesting ways, even the small characters such as Jody’s Mum and sister, Halley played more than just bit parts – adding extra layers – grounding Jody even, making her feel even more real.

It was so good that it made a normally dull hour waiting for my piano lesson much, much, much more interesting – more books will be coming with me to Starbucks on a Thursday :) If you love fun, quirky books then I think you’ll love Rockaholic.

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