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Farm Sanctuary by Gene Baur
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Sep 02, 11

Read from July 17 to 22, 2011

Quite often, when the American public pictures a farm, images of green pastures and roaming animals come to mind. It is not often, that we picture two-foot wide wire cages with animals encrusted in manure. Sadly, this is exactly what many of our food animals live in for their few months of life.

Animal rights activitist Gene Baur takes us through the life of our food animals, examining the cruelty they are subjected to on a daily basis. From dairy cows to egg laying chickens, each species has it's own form of torture to contend with.

Baur, a founding member of Farm Sanctuary, introduces us to the animals that made it out and survived to become mascots for fellow farm animals. He counters these successes with tales of obstacles and defeat. Unfortunately, there are more stories of defeat than triumph.

Farm Sanctuary is a hard read, one which will hopefully generate feelings of outrage and disbelief. There is a bit of what feels like sidetracking and a few areas where the author skipped around a bit, which resulted in this book receiving only 3 stars. But the information is priceless.

The book, especially toward the last couple chapters, does have a pro-vegan push to it, so be forwarned. Although, having read the book, it will be hard not to go vegan or at least do a bit more research before one buys their next steak.


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