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Looking for the Easy Life by Walter Dean Myers
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Aug 12, 11

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Read on July 15, 2011

This deserves negative stars and Myers owes me for my time and sanity. How could anyone - especially an established author - put this trash into the world? This is akin to the foreign "artist" who featured his "art" in a museum. His "art" was starving dogs chained to the wall. This, on a lesser scale, is the same thing to me.
Is this "ebonics"? Yes! Let's teach our children how to speak WRONG! Let's teach them the way to speak so they seem illiterate! How to speak so people laugh at them and think they're idiots and so when they get older no one will ever hire them! So they fail school all the way through! Way to go! Shall I continue?
The actual story, which is tucked behind this atrocious language, is actually holding a *few* (please believe it's only a few) worthy bits. Besides this the only good thing that can be said is that the illustrations are good.
The story, the writing, the characters, everything else is horrible. I wouldn't expect this trash from a child who was writing for the first time.
I have a VERY open mind. Anyone who really knows me can verify this. But this is truly horrible. I corrected my daughter last night who used a non-existent word. She's 6 years old and wouldn't dream of speaking like this. If she heard someone else speak like this she'd wonder what was wrong with them.
I use slang. I use slang a lot actually. And you CAN use slang and still sound intelligent. You do not have to use "sentences" like Myers used here.
I will NEVER, EVER pick up another book by this person. He's fully turned me off from his writing, no matter the audience, forever. Anyone who would write such trash doesn't deserve to even be called an author. I think I have a YA book or two laying around by him and they will not be read by me. He should be ashamed.
I suggest reading this before reading it to your children. Unless you want to give your kids a picture of how NOT to talk - stay away. Otherwise you'll have an ignorant sounding child who turns into an ignorant sounding adult. With all the problems in this world we have people writing this garbage.
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message 1: by LiteraryMarie (new)

LiteraryMarie Ouch.

message 2: by Eva (new) - rated it 1 star

Eva Leger Ugh. I hated this with such passion. I can't believe an author of Myers caliber put this out. I can't believe this was accepted for publication.

message 3: by kari (new)

kari Wow this sounds awful. I can understand a bit of dialect in books for adults. After all they should know now to speak, but for kids???

message 4: by Eva (new) - rated it 1 star

Eva Leger Oh kari, how I would love for you to get this in your hands. I agree with you and I can even get with slang in kids books to a certain extent. After all, it's used daily on life these days so much.
But kari, this is just so over the top. I actually changed it as I read. I didn't want Julia to think it was the proper way to talk. I can't see reading this to any child as is.
And I REALLY can't believe that no one else is mentioning it!

message 5: by kari (new)

kari That is just crazy. Why would anyone want to write something like that? I know Dr Seuss made up words, but the grammar and the real words were perfect and you could tell the made up words. This just sounds like junk.

message 6: by Eva (new) - rated it 1 star

Eva Leger Oh yeah, totally different. I have no problem with made up words or slang or anything else. But this is so not that. This is totally different. I'm sure some people will call it slang to make it seem normal and okay but it's really not. I've been using slang my entire life and still do to this day at times and what's in this book is NOT slang.
I wish you could see it! lol

message 7: by kari (new)

kari Eva wrote: "Oh yeah, totally different. I have no problem with made up words or slang or anything else. But this is so not that. This is totally different. I'm sure some people will call it slang to make it se..."

I wish I could see it, too. I don't understand why anyone would do this for a children's book. Makes no sense. OH well, must add it to my ever growing list of things that make no sense LOL

message 8: by Eva (new) - rated it 1 star

Eva Leger You just reminded me to put it on my 'wtf' list but I already had! lol

message 9: by kari (new)

kari I must make a WTF shelf! LOL

message 10: by Bridget (new)

Bridget Love the idea of a wtf shelf. Hilarious!

message 11: by Eva (new) - rated it 1 star

Eva Leger I have to admit that it's come in very handy over the years. You guys just made me wonder which book made me start it so I went and looked and it was, no surprise, A Million Little Pieces.
But this one here has the privilege of being #50. lol

message 12: by kari (new)

kari Ooh 50 of them! I don't think I've read quite that many wtf books. I'm so far behind! LOL

message 13: by Eva (new) - rated it 1 star

Eva Leger lmao... with all the crap that's flooding the stores out there right now I'm sure you'll get there sooner than later! I can totally see you with a wtf list. I'm surprised you didn't already have one!

message 14: by kari (new)

kari I know. How can I not have one? WTF was I thinking? LOL

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