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Coffee And Kung Fu by Karen Brichoux
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Jul 16, 2011

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I bought this book for $4 when I was fourteen and it was perhaps one of the books that made me write my characters as honestly as I could make them. Second time around, six years later, and the magic isn't entirely destroyed, but it isn't entirely there either.

It's a RomCom, to put it simply. Follows the formula and everything, so it's not something to be all, "I will be reading the greatest novel of time!" It's Coffee & Kung Fu, a book where you follow the snarky life of a redhead raised in the Philippines, in love with kung fu movies starring Jackie Chan, and awkwardly trying to understand why every damn relationship in the novel is failing. No. Seriously. There's just barely a happy ending when it comes to love in this book, which is weird since it's a RomCom.

Yet, despite its formulaic ways, it's still a fun read. I liked it when I was 14 and I like it now. I take it lightheartedly. Something to say, "Yeah, you'll learn a kung fu lesson while the narrator describes some foreplay action going on." Not to say that kung fu themes are being exploited--the contrary. Pretty sure the author, Karen Brichoux, has plenty in common with the narrator, so descriptions are in detail about both the Philippines, Hong Kong, and every movie described--with consideration that it's a novel here, not a broadcast for educational learning. You'll learn whether you want to or not. (But you'll want to)

All in all, a nice summer read. Despite it being about winter holidays. Details...

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