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The Third by Abel Keogh
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Jul 16, 11

With an opening scene that will shatter you to the core Abel Keogh presents a dystopian novel with a theme that doesn't seem so far fetched at all.
In a world where The Third refers to what society tries to prevent, the illegal birth of a third child in a family, everything is being rationed and regulated, from how much food you get to how many children you may have. When Ransom finds out that his wife is pregnant with their third child, he tries everything to keep them both safe which turns out to be an almost impossible task.
Narrated mostly from Ransom's perspective this is a gripping tale of survival and love. I could empathize with him all the way and found his character development really good and convincing. On the other hand I felt like smacking his wife Teya over the head on several occasions when she insists on doing the “right thing” in a society that is just wrong.
This has been a fast paced and highly emotional thrill ride, well told and brought to life through its details and the struggles of life in 2065. I wish I could have learned more about life in the “green states” and I could well imagine a future novel set there.
In short: A dark dystopian future that does not seem too far removed from where our lives might really be heading!

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