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Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan
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Jul 17, 11

Read from July 15 to 17, 2011

** spoiler alert ** When he outlawed killing humans, David Solomon ignited a civil war among Austin’s vampires. As Prime of the South, his sympathy for mortals angered the old guard who refuse to control their violent urges. David has his hands full with the growing insurgency, but he takes in a broken-down woman, a musician in need of supernatural guidance. Little does he know that Miranda Grey has the power to change his world as well…

Meet Miranda Grey-music and magic are in her blood.

Overwhelmed by her uncanny ability to manipulate people's emotions through her music, Miranda Grey comes to the attention of vampire lord David Solomon. Believing he can help bring her magic under control, David discovers that Miranda's powers may affect the vampire world too...

miranda-main character
david-other main character,lord/master/sire,vampire,leader of court/elite,The ninth Prime of the Southern United States
faith-part of the court/elite,david's second in command
samuel-miranda's bodyguard
helen-miranda's bodyguard
terrence-miranda's new bodyguard to replace helen
Jonathan-deven's mate(their gay so i cant say queenxD)
deven-prime leader of another group/place
lindsay-a elite david ordered to watch miranda and take care of her from afar/a distance from miranda when she went back to austin
kat-miranda's friend
drew-miranda's new friend,kat wanted miranda to get into a relationship with drew but miranda doesnt really want to

miranda never looked up to people anymore...litterally. she would always start to go around places looking down because she doesnt want people to look into her eyes. people dont really notice her, but people do sometimes notice her hair.everytime miranda is next to an instrument, when she plays it people think that she was meant to play it.miranda can feel peoples emotions, and add to that, she can also change their emotions.all she had to do was play music and whatever she felt they would felt.of course when she plays music she can start to feel everyones real emotion, and from there its easy to influence their emotions and change it.she was famous, and talented(but what people dont know is that she really isnt talented-it just comes to her).
at first miranda thought it was a fantasy, singing on the street and having her cup overflow with money, and then a guy named mel hiring her to sing at his bar on wednesdays and miranda having so much fun making peoples emotions happy and getting a agent. but later on miranda started losing control, feeling peoples emotions when she didnt even want to know about it, learning peoples darkest emotions and dreams with one look in the eye or one touch of the person.miranda started to feel sad and miserable every time she gets a sad emotion from a person, and learning things about the person that she doesnt want to know.
miranda now works 2 nights at mels, and on monday at a local cafe store, and that was enough for her to pay her bills and all.
the problem was that everyday she would feel more and more of peoples emotions, and then she starts to not feel her own, like she cant seperate her feelings from others...and thats the worst part of it.

miranda sand at mels later on one night and was waling home, and she felt some emotions and knew some guys were following her...most of them like how she looked and liked her hair(of course she had almost everything a men would like) and one guy wanted money from her purse.those men took her and dragged her to the alley b4 she could run away, and they beated her and used her up, until they were done and about to kill her...but something inside miranda came out and next thing you know miranda killed all the guys and felt like she was about to die.
miranda then felt something recognizable, someone she saw b4, but she was so weak she couldnt move or look up at whoever loomed over her.they examined her and the last thing mirand heard and saw was blue eyes that she saw at the grocery store b4 once(a guy thats pale and helped her one time when she was about to drop everything she was holding), and the voice saying "rest little one, you are safe now".

the vampire main rule was this to other vampires: if taken a life of a human or one of them, the vamp that killed the human or one of them is to be found and killed by the court.

the haven is home to more than a hundred vampires.

when david first saw miranda, she was a beautiful thing to him, and also he knew that she had a talent that noone else knows that is really strong and powerful. and after david saw her in the alley laying on the ground, he knew for sure that miranda can control peoples emotions and can use them to kill people if she wanted to.david took miranda to the haven and then kept her in a room where she could heal.
all david knew of miranda was that She was extraordinarily gifted, completely untrained, and had a singing voice like dark honey touched with cinnamon. She had green eyes that never left the ground. She drank Shiner Bock.

david plans to wait until miranda wakes up and find out more things about miranda.

REPLY FROM FAITH:The Shadow World is divided loosely into twenty-seven territories. �Each territory is controlled by a Prime, and ideally by a paired Prime and Queen, who set the law which is enforced by their warriors�us. Everyone living within that territory is required to follow the Prime�s law on pain of death.�

david doesnt have a queen(yet;D).

Signet-the legend is that this necklace can tell a prime who their meant to be with/their queen.
david has a rare talent since he was born:telekinetic.
david is really goold with dealing with computer things,etc.

people are starting to kill the elites and someone hacked into davids computer thingy that leaded a group of elite to a place where they were killed.
david found out when he went on his computer to check whoever hacked onto it that helen(a.k.a. miranda's bodyguard) was the traitor that sent davids 4 elites to a location where they were killed , and was also working with the team thats been going around killing humans and trying to start a war.david let the guards take helen away to be questioned later, but then later on he finds out from faith that helen managed to stake herself.

david had a dream about his wife and son(When david was human)night(their dead now so its not a dream to david but a nightmare).

jonathan called david later on because he had a vision(jonathans gift is seeing stuff/visions of the future-sorta), and he told david that he saw a women, but it was blurry so he couldnt really see what she looked like, but he said he heard music.and then jonathan told david that he saw david holding the womens blood, so his advice to jonathan if david saw the women then he should keep her as far away as possible.he also said that he saw the women holding a stone that looks like davids but more glowing evergy.jonathan also said that he saw a vision of david holding a book, and there is a very old pitcure of a lady on it, and on the next page there is a note someone wrote to him thats folded.
so david thinks that the women is (of course) miranda, and he thinks that since he's holdind her blood in the vision means that he killed miranda.

david starts teaching miranda every day on how to control her talent and miranda struggles the first few weeks but starts to get a hand of it.
miranda plays music on a piano in a room that a queen used to always go to and most of the bodyguards and all went and stood outside the door to hear the source of the amazing sound and voice, even faith.and when faith came to the room she saw david sitting in a chair in the room a few feet from miranda, looking lost in his own world(which means that david got so into the music that he got lost into a whole new world).
david and faith finally helped miranda learn how to sheild herself when someone attacks her with a physcic memory of something sad.

everyone at the haven thinks that miranda is going to be their queen(which means davids wife) in the future.

miranda walked far into the woods one day and her bodyguard terrance followed her from alittle far behind to watch out for her like miranda ordered him to, and then suddenly miranda felt a stranger following her, and so she ran and fell down a river bank somewhere, and she called terrance from her com on her wrist to go help her, but no reply.and suddenly there was this strange voice talking to her, and he/she was ganna attack her but couldnt because david came to the rescue for miranda.turns out the attacker killed terance and hacked into davids computer thingy and all.2 more elites were killed(including terrance).

miranda then knew after that that davids enemys want miranda dead because they think shes in the way of their plan to overpower david, and miranda also knew the more she stayed the more elites would get killed because of her, so faith drove miranda back to austin.
miranda missed the haven, and especially missed david.
david couldnt get miranda out of his head since she left, and everyone knew that.
faith visits miranda and miranda askes faith if she can teach miranda fighting skills so that miranda can feel protected wherever she goes...and faith said she doesnt really have that time so faith would give miranda a card with a place where a girl can teach miranda how to fight like a miranda goes to the place and meets sophie, a girl that looks all cute and was 15 when turned, but looks as tough as faith.
miranda started hanging out with her friend kat more,and she started singing at mels again without changing peoples emotions, and at first it was arkward and weird but miranda started to sing like a true artist, she even got a card from this manager that could hook her up with a gig and a record contract.sophie has been beating miranda's ass while training, but mirandas been getting better and better.miranda also learned how to control peoples minds and command them to do stuff.
sophie has even been teaching miranda how to be invisible(sorta).

another murderer was on a human female and her child, and the vamps drew aruens signet on they boys chest as an enemy message to david.david and faith and the others went to check out the body for any clues, and david confirmed right then "as of tonight, we are at war".
david saw a newspaper that faith gave to him with miranda as the headline.miranda is apparently making a name known to her and becoming more famous each day.david cut out the interview and picture of miranda and putted it in his drawer of personal stuff, and right then david found a piece of paper thats folded up with his name on it(just like in jonathans vision), and it was a message from miranda saying she'll miss him and hopes he will see her one day as she will see him too and she hopes he doesnt forget about her(miranda wrote that note b4 she left to go back to austin).
david found Ariana blackthorn(aurens lover/davids worst enemy because david killed auren to get the signet along time ago and auren was ariana's lover even though auren probaly didnt love her back as much) and killed arina bacause she was the murderer of 36 humans or so and 7 of davids elites. david then found ariana's sister that ariana tortured (bethany blackthorn) and plans on taking her to the haven to learn more about what ariana's plan was and all.

david went to visit miranda and they ended up having a good time.but during their love-making they traded blood, which means that mirandas going through the vampire turning process.but david told miranda that he wants his blood out of miranda's system so he can turn her the proper way at the haven.but miranda was so hungry she stole blood from the hospital and drank it, thinking that maybe having davids blood in her for one more day wont change her.
faith was ordered by david to search information on ariana and bethany to learn their history and all, and what faith found was a box of aurens personal items..and inside there was a drawling of a person that looked like arina, but its not arina...its bethany, and auren drew bethany having a signet around her...meaning that bethany was aruen's love, meaning that bethany must have feelings for auren....meaning that bethany was acting innocent the whole time when she was planning revenge on then called bethanys bodyguards that were ordered to watch over her but no answer...which means bethany escaped from her room.
miranda was supose to meet david, and later on got a call from him that theres been a problem at the haven and he cant come right away.right when she closed the phone someone came into her house after a knock...and it was a girl with blond hair and blue eyes(bethany) and she wasnt alone, she brought samuel(a vamp that works for david but was acturally on the bad side the whole time). bethany tells miranda that she lans on taking the signet from david...but not b4 david will find her dead. and so samuel and bethany end up killing miranda and throuwing her in a lake.
david found out later that miranda wasnt in her house and he couldnt contact her, so that means...shes dead.david later on was helped by deven and david knew he had to protect his fellow people and the mortals.

miranda woke up to see herself going down the lake, miranda knows that the vamp process is still taking place, so she called kat to take her to kats house and put her in the bathroom for a few days.when miranda came out a few days later, she was a vamp and she drank blood from drew right infront of kat's face and told kat she will see kat someday and went off.miranda has to save david so she went to sophies house to get weapons and convince sophie to take her to the haven even though sophie told her sophie doesnt deal with that kind of shit.

david found out that there is another traitor in his haven and that there is a group of vamps coming tonight to the haven to attack.david then found his drawer of personal items opened and ran to it to see that...someone stole the queens signet.

all hell went loose when miranda and sophie arrived at the haven.when they went in enemys were fighting and arina was there.sophie ends up dieing because someone staked her in the ribs.miranda ends up chopping arina's head off, which surprised everyone that saw who did it because they thought miranda was then miranda picked up the signet, putted around her and it started to glow(which means she was meant to be davids queen) and said" i am your queen, any questions?". then miranda turned to david, and a silver tear came from his eyes, and miranda laughed joyfully and opened her arms to him, and everyone cheered as they embraced.

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