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The Secret Desires of a Governess by Tiffany Clare
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If Jane Eyre, were to be rewritten as porn, this would be it.
Brooding hero with secrets and crazy wife who dies horribly in a fire? Check.
Innocent, bookish governess in love with her employer? Check.
Precocious child? Check.
Employer boning his servant at every opportunity? Chec-Wait a minute... That didn't happen in Jane Eyre! This is like a dirty, fanfiction type thing!
Holy, horn-dog pants batman! They could not keep they're hands off each other, but for some crack-pot reason couldn't get married because his genes make women crazy. As in insane. WHAAAAAAAAAA. Cry me a river dude.
This book was ridiculous, but i gave it 3 stars anyways, because the governess thing always gets me and it still entertained, even with all the WTFs.


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