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A Chave do Saber by Nora Roberts
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Jul 24, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, borrowed, review, read-in-pt, romance
Recommended to Leonor (Ner) by: My aunt and my mum
Read from July 17 to 22, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Also published alonside "The Key of Light" and "The Key of Valor" in "A Cup of Coffee and a Book"

This was a second strong installment for Nora Roberts’ trilogy. This book introduces us to Dana Steele, a librarian who quitted her job after an argument with her boss and whose fate is to find one of the three keys to free the souls of three daughters of a Celtic god. To make things worse, her ex-boyfriend who has broken her heart by leaving to New York to became a best-seller author, has return and intends to win her heart again.

After book one about Malory Price quest to find the first key, this book delivers us a strong, independent character with a down-to-down personality though difficult to deal with. Dana submerges herself into research while trying to ignore Jordan Hawke, her ex, and into her new store which she’ll be sharing with Malory and Zoe.

Of course that each book is about one good quality of the characters or something they dream about. Dana’s passion, compulsion is books so she’s sure she’ll find the key on a book important to her. What she didn’t know was that the past, the present and the future were going to be the major key in finding the object.

In this book the pace is less fast; you can enjoy the relationship between Jordan and Dana without having the reaction that they’re jumping into something faster than normal. Because of their past together, they’re relation came easy and familiar. There was tension and sensuality between the two of them resulting of great sexy scenes well written without being too much.

The main plot develops also in a slow pace but easy to follow. Roberts leaves clues here and there matching all together in the end.

The final action sequence between Dana and Kane, happening inside Hawke’s book where a character was based on Dana, is an amazingly described scene where you can almost feel what the characters are feeling.

However, I think that some moments in the book were a bit rushed; like Jordan and Flynn’s proposal. In a month the two of them found love and are engaged. I think it was too quick.
Overall, I think this was a strong continuation for a trilogy and the characters are all changing and showing us other facades.

Now, bring me book three.

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