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Playing With Fire by Katie MacAlister
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Jul 21, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: katie-macalister, dragons, funny, interracial
Read from July 15 to 21, 2011

May who is an doppleganger who can hide in the shadows becoming a shadow herself was created when by her twin Cyrene who is a naiad. Magoth A Demon Lord made Cyrene make May so that he could have someone to do his bidding. While to steal a artifact for the demon lord May gets caught by some dragons and it turns out that she is a possible mate to a wyvern. Gabriel tells her she is his mate.

Being bound to Magoth May isn't so sure if she should be a mate to a dragon no matter how hot he may be. Magoth has tried numerous times to get her to have sex with him and each time he keeps getting closer to seduce and thrall her.

All I can say about this book was that May's personality was starting to resemble Ysolde's personality.
Wasn't as good as good as the first book in Ysolde. Wasn't as funny either. I liked Gabriel's character.

May and Gabriel hitted it off the instant they met. I just think that May could have waited before having sex with a guy she just met.

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Quotes Jessica Liked

Katie MacAlister
“You want to …?” His other eye popped open as I started to slide down his body, intent on exploring that part of him which had given me so much pleasure. He grabbed me before I was able to move four inches. I looked up, worried that I had done something wrong. A familiar strained, tense look was on his face, his eyes screwed up tight. I looked down at his penis. It was no longer in a resting state. “I thought you were sated?”

I was. Until you went and mentioned doing that to me.
No! Don’t touch me there, woman! For the love of – grk!”

A half hour later, Gabriel, his arm wrapped around me because my legs were unusually weak, hustled me toward the house with a grim look on his face.

I will beat this,” he muttered. “I am a wyvern, I am strong. I will control my needs long enough to give you pleasure, and you will enjoy it, dammit!
I said nothing, but I smiled. A lot. [May and Gabriel, pg. 307]”
Katie MacAlister, Playing With Fire

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