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Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught
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Jan 31, 14

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Read on January 31, 2014, read count: 4

Read and reviewed on the 23rd of August 2011.

I love this book. I read it 4 times in total but I must say, this time, the read was the best out of all 4 times. The first time I read it, I didn't really like it, it was only when I read Almost Heaven, the next book in the story, that I realised how wonderful the book was but that was only on the 2nd read. This read was the first time I really cried, really understood Jordan, really saw the beauty of the story. I saw it before but I had never truly comprehended it.

Jordan(pretty cool name! :P) and Alex were wonderful characters. The difference between their characters were a world apart, yet they still could fall in love. You see, Jordan was cynical, jaded, he never believed in the inherent goodness of human beings. He though women were amoral creatures that deserved no respect, only just to have a fun time with. Yeah, it may seem like he's such a jerk, but because of his upbringing, the way he saw things, turned him into who he was. On the other hand, Alexandra (Alex), was everything he was not. She was innocent, naive, gullible, and always always believed in the inherent goodness of everyone. To her, the world was full of beauty and she saw it in everything, be it clouds, flowers, normal smells that most of just discount.

Small spoiler ahead!

The way that met was so cliche yet funny at the same time. She rescued him from 2 bandits in a knight's costume. It was as if she was right out of a medieval story. Being small in size and shall we say, no feminine shape, he naturally mistook her for a boy. It was pretty funny as I read the next few scenes of them going to the inn then going back to her house. He really thought she was a child of about 13, and the way he communicated with her was just funny, at least to me. Later on, he realised how he had ruined her reputation and decided to do the right thing under coercion to marry her. Honestly, I loved him from here on. I mean, he never wanted to get married, but for the sake of a girl that he had just met a few days before, he chose to do the honourable thing. I dunno, it just really touched me.

From there on, it was just so beautiful. Up until he got captured. Her innocence touched even him, and she just managed to melt him. For her, he lived on. Because of her, he found the will to live on and that especially touched me. I mean, for a man who never loved, never trusted, to actually be able to live on for her, just told me how much she had already wormed her way into his cold heart. Their clash of wills was funny-as-hell. I couldn't help but laugh almost everytime they argued. I mean, it was just so funny to see, a small petite girl standing up to a big man who was renown to be one of the most cold and scary man around.

My favorite scenes were when the two of them spent some alone time, one while fishing, one at the picnic, the other when they were together in the meadow. I dunno, it just seemed so beautiful. I could just see his love for her, and her for him. I mean, it was just so wonderful to see how he had actually put aside all his prejudices and still whole-heartedly love Alex. I was really touched. When he admitted to himself that he really loved her and was so amazed by his depth of his feelings, I'm not afraid to admit I cried. I mean, such a guy when faced with such innocence just could not face it down and in the end, his whole life was changed.

Seeing how they lived together, made me smile. But one thing made me real mad. I mean, how could Jordan so easily believe Alex was guilty? He should know better! Instead, he let his prejudices of women as a whole get to him and somehow believed that Alex could actually be scheming against him all along.

But when he finally realised she wasn't guilty and apologised for even doubting her, I was a little surprised why she wasn't even a little hurt or even a little angry. I mean, there's only so far that you can be forgiving right?

But when he cried at her bedside for her to wake up, I could only cry along. Every word struck my heart and I could truly feel his pain. When he asked her to take him with her, I saw the depth of his love for her and I was just touched and speechless. All I could do was cry.

This book brought out many emotions in me. However, I didn't really enjoy the part when Jordan was supposed dead. I dunno, I think I needed the banter and interactions between them. All in all, I felt that this book was simply amazing. It gets better with more reads. I can't really explain how I feel but the moment the book finished, I somehow felt that I didn't ever want the book to finish, that I wanted to go on to see their love and how beautiful their life was together. You know, straightaway after I finished the book, I actually wanted to reread it from the start. That was how good it was. All I can say, is that I completely loved this book. It touched my heart in so many ways. The characters were great, the plot was great, the conversation and everything was amazing. It was little wonder why I loved the book. After this read, I truly feel that this was one of the best historicals ever. All I want to say is that I hope that I will be able to read more of this kind of books from HM that touched me on almost every emotional aspect. This book was indeed something wonderful

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