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Stone Cold Seduction by Jess Macallan
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4.5 stars

Wow! This turned out to be one of the most entertaining books I've read all summer! I admit, I'm not a big UF fan; I picked this up with the illusion that it was a stand alone PNR. It turned out I was wrong, but I haven't regretted it a single moment:)

UF seems to be dominated by kick-ass, bitchy heroines, who don't trust anyone and refuse all kinds of help offered to them. This fact doesn't make them too endearing to me I'm afraid. In this book however, I met at last a heroine, who burglar-abilities aside, could be like any other girl out there: she's afraid, truly scared of the bad guys but also has brains, determination and is willing to ask for help and advice and actually listen to it. This, is a refreshingly nice change IMO. I really, really loved Elle -and her passion for perfumes which happens to be a hobby of mine- and wanted for her to find the truth about her past and future. And I really wish for her to pick the right guy in the end. Because this is a love-triangle story and she has to choose who's the right one. At first things seem pretty obvious as she's very attracted to Jax and feelings are obviously mutual. However, it soon became obvious that he's been keeping some secrets from her that could affect their relationship. Still, Jax was one hot hero and I enjoyed reading about the two of them. I do admit though, to being very interested about the other potential love interest, that in this book stayed in the backstage mostly.

If there's one thing I didn't like in this book, it's that Jax's and Elle's relationship starts in the middle; there's already plenty of background between them and the courting has already been done off-stage when the book starts. This left me in a kind of confusion at first and less than sure that what they have -at least from Elle's side- is not just lust but love. Add to this, the heap of things being revealed in a steady stream that seemed a little too fast for the reader to catch at first, and the beginning becomes a little convoluted. But after the initial confusion, everything gets clear and when the action begins.... it's a ride to enjoy! The fact that the species in this book are not the usual ones like vampires and werewolves, is an added bonus that adds to the book's uniqueness.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series. I have already picked my favorite guy and I'm really anxious to see if he'll win:) And of course there's the suspense about Elle, Luke, her father and her role in Fate's plans.

If you're looking for a fast paced, interesting UF book, out of the ordinary cliches of this genre, I highly recommend this one!

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