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The Love of Her Life by Harriet Evans
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Aug 01, 2011

it was ok
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** spoiler alert ** Shakespeare aptly put it, " Oh God, here is a dish I love not," only in this case instead of being unable to "endure my Lady Tongue," I believe it is best to say " I cannot endure the Lady's mind." Delving into the mind of Kate Miller, the protagonist of this extremely frustrating novel, is like watching a tennis match at Wimbledon- jogging back and forth between one bad decision and another equally horrid decision, watching them volleyed about over and over and over- oh, and did I mention, OVER again.

I will say this much, most of my issue with this novel is most assuredly NOT the author's fault. Ms. Evans is an excellent writer who did a very good job in this book. Yet, I could not identify with her main character, Kate Miller. I tried. I believe I understand her issues of insecurity- many of which stem from her parents and, for all intent and purpose, her disappointingly rough childhood. She is shy, extremely introverted and unsure of herself. She is just fleshing out her life out of college. She is starting to grow-up, and it's a big deal. She is a nice woman. She's geeky, which is one of the main things I do like about her.

Much of the book did not bother me. I went through the story, learning about the various horrors that befell her. It's very real. Her running away from London to New York and cutting her friends out of her life completely, cutting herself off from life completely are very real and understandable. However, when she returns, her decisions and handling of situations is so whishy-washy that it became more than frustrating. Then, when it began to start hurting people, and quite frankly, being rather stupid, I started to get a short fuse with the book. Perhaps this is all rational, but it is not for me.

It was the last 200 pages that made finishing the book difficult. Her treatment of Mac and his treatment of her was beyond, beyond for me. It reminded me of the movie Something Borrowed (I'm aware this is a book, though I did not know that at the time of it's theatrical release). There was too much indecision, and coupled with that indecision, there were decisions being made that were hurtful and things being said that were nasty and unnecessary. So much of the time it all could have been solved if people would have been honest with themselves and said what they really thought and felt and then didn't worry so much about why they felt what they felt.

I also felt that it took forever to get to the alluded tragedy. She kept alluding to it, but it didn't manifest itself till past the halfway point. Furthermore, I felt that the ending was flat. Build up to a pretty big let down.
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07/26/2011 page 8
07/29/2011 page 100
21.0% "Although I am enjoying this book, there have been several implications about Americans not being sophisticated unless there is a British influence in their lives. I resent that. A country that spawned a Russell Brand is just as tacky and unsophisticated as a country that produced a Jack Black."
07/29/2011 page 115
24.0% "I think my general problem with this book has nothing to do with the quality. I just don't think I'm a ChickLit kinda girl. I'll soldier it through, though. It wouldn't be fair to abandon it in the middle."
07/29/2011 page 147
30.0% "I like the character of Kate, who is the protagonist of the book. However, since she is quite different from me, it makes it very difficult for me to relate to her and some of the decisions that she makes. Yet, I feel deeply for her and empathize with her heartaches."
07/30/2011 page 147
30.0% "There have been several small developments which are helping me to delve more deeply into the story. Suddenly, I have my interest piqued. The interlude with Mr. Allen was exceptional. Kate seems to need the influence of a wise world traveler in her life."
07/30/2011 page 206
42.0% "It feels like the story is taking quite a bit of time to unfold and Kate's thoughts concerning herself seems a bit redundant. While I do like Kate, I find that there are very few characters that I really, truly like. That makes it hard to read at times."
07/31/2011 page 280
58.0% "The story has just opened up and it is now galloping along."
08/01/2011 page 300
62.0% "Okay. I think Kate's whishy-washy-ness is really getting to me. The continuous mistakes that she is making, the fact that she internalizes everything and never says what she is thinking bugs me as well. We are so radically different that it makes it hard to identify with her at all."
08/01/2011 page 340
70.0% "I cannot believe how frustrated I am with this book. I would quit it, but I am nearly through."
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