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The Shameless Playboy by Caitlin Crews
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Absolutely enjoyed the Lucas-Grace story,starts with Jacob meeting Lucas and tries to make him understand by all the things he does "you are turning into him" the way Lucas hides behind the facade of mackery and careless attitude but he was most affected by past demons,he never knew who his mother was but when he came to know he was so shocked and the things William Wolfe said made such a great impact on him which has made him belief he is the most ugly person and the guilt of not being there for his brothers-sister but then he meets Grace who also has suffered her mother's rejection which changes her her so much completely understands what Lucas feels and she makes him belief that he is not ugly,it was the circumstances he is not a bad person

Then when Grace confesses she loves him he panics and runs away but then he meet Jacob who finally makes him understand that says "You deserve more from life than to make
yourself over into his ghost."which makes him realise Jacob is right,they make amends and then the gala night starts and Lucas comes to know Grace is sacked he is so furious and then he realises his love for Grace,Grace on the other hand is so hurt she lost everything she worked hard for her job,respect from the peers(respect was most important to her)and Lucas who just left her there standing on the staircase

Lucas goes to Grace and dear god what a way to confess feelings for the woman you love "All Right- “I
cannot live without you, you idiotic woman! How could anything
ever be all right again?” and Grace's reply"That's Lovely-Poetic, really. Thank you.”i laughed so hard,they fight then
their love wins through the past baggage and they get their HEA

Both Lucas-Grace have been rejected by the parents and have their heart breaks which changed them greatly but then these two meet and both heal each other and help each other to face their past demons and accept it and live in the present the the ending was so sweet

I really liked that Lucas did'nt proposed marriage cause they both had yet to learn to trust each other,till now they knew that cannot live without each other and Grace even loved him but as Lucas himself said he does'nt knows what is love cause he never got one,so they were together that was more then enough

Overall a very enjoyable read,i really disliked Lucas in the start but as we get to know him and the depth of his character i adored him so much,enjoyed every second of their bickering and fights,going onto next sibling Alex Wolfe,so far i loved the series let's see what's in store with Alex's story

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Lemon Glad you enjoyed this Booklover. This one gave me a couple of smiles but I really hated Lucas and never warmed up to Grace.

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Booklover Lululemon wrote: "Glad you enjoyed this Booklover. This one gave me a couple of smiles but I really hated Lucas and never warmed up to Grace."

Lululemon i disliked Lucas in the first few pages but when we get insight of why he hides behind the charms, smiles and scandals and he acted so badly and made a ruckus so that it will make William Wolfe angry at him and he will be the focus of his brutality/cruelty which made me realise he is a good man from inside,it was his way of helping his brothers-sister

I liked Grace,she is strong woman who worked hard and gained the respect and made something out of nothing

Mareli It seems you're enjoying the whole series. I feel like I have to add this to my eternally growing TBR list... ;)

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Booklover Mareli wrote: "It seems you're enjoying the whole series. I feel like I have to add this to my eternally growing TBR list... ;)"

yes i am totally enjoying the series,the dark past has effected all 8 siblings emotionally but what i liked till now is all 3 authors have given a justified logical endings each one's love story

5 more to go,hope i won't have to eat my words up lol

when you are free and start reading do start with this series

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