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Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews
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Jan 14, 12

it was amazing
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I decided to review this book before I started to read "Forbidden" by Tabitha Suzuma. Mainly because it sounds like there will be similarities. Also because I adore this book and hope that people who haven't heard of it might give it a chance!

Okay, so I first read this when I was 10 or 11 years old. Since that first time, I've re-read it more than any other book. I'm sure I've read it once every year or two. Oddly, it became a comfort read, a book I'd grab when I was sick or wanted something familiar.

Very odd, as the whole book is made to make you feel uneasy. I love this story. It really grabs you and makes you think about things you probably wouldn't have thought about.

It begins by introducing you to the beautiful Dollanganger family. Corrine and Christopher have four children: Cathy, Chris, and twins Carrie and Cory. They are a very loving family and seem pretty well-off financially.

It all changes when Chris dies in a tragic accident. They have to leave their old life behind because they can't afford it. Corrine drags her children to their Grandparents mansion, where they meet their Grandmother for the first time.

Their Grandmother is a crazy character. I can't even think about her without so many emotions flooding through me. I don't want to give too much away but it's all brilliant, really!

Okay, so basically the plot is that the kids are put in a room that leads to an attic. They are told they have to stay there, be quiet and not let anyone know they exist. Their mother tells them that it will only be for a few days. Then it's a few weeks, a few months, etc.

I won't give away any of the reasons why they are hidden or what happens during the time they live in this room. When they first go there, Cathy is 12, Chris is 14 and the twins are 5.

I can't even state how much I love this book. It makes me so sad that VC Andrews died after only writing a small number of books. The books written after her death(by ghostwriters) were/are pretty much terrible. I still buy one now and then hoping for the magic but it's never there and I'll try to explain why.

This book is so descriptive of everything. I feel like I know what the mansion looks like and what the attic looks like. I can also feel what Cathy is feeling(as the book is told from her perspective). I can feel her anger and her sadness. And it's powerful.

I love the characters, even when I hate them. They seem so real to me. Cathy and Chris have to become parents to Carrie and Cory. They have to take on the responsibilities of adults. Cathy wants to be a ballerina, Chris wants to be a doctor and the twins have such vibrant personalities as well.

This book is beautiful, creepy, heartbreaking and deeply layered.

I recommend this whole series, really. It's a five book series but my favorites are the first two books. I DON'T recommend the movie!! It is NOTHING like the book. It's AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. okay?


I might as well say here that the similarity between "Forbidden" and "Flowers in the Attic" is that they both deal with incest. The relationship between Cathy and Chris completely screws with your mind because you should be thinking "ewwwww" but instead you know that these two people have been through something that has bonded them so deeply.

The relationship builds and builds and you can't see it ending any other way. And then there are so many secrets to be realized in this series. It always surprises you and the thing I love about this book is that even though I've read it so many times, it never gets boring and I always seem to see something I never saw before. Or feel something I didn't feel the last time.

I recommend it HIGHLY! (now I want to go re-read it!)
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J.N. I love re-reading them. It reminds me of when I fell in love with them, and somehow I fall even more in love with them. The originals are definitely the best!

Melanie I agree the first two books were the best and the movie is terrible I agree with the cathy and chris at first I was thing eww but then I was lke awww :')

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