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Lord of the Silver Bow by David Gemmell
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Jul 13, 2011

it was amazing

I'm not even sure I should've read this book. The main downpoint of this completely ingenious, I might add, book, is how inappropriate it can get. I won't say it was a flaw it the book, though, since it added to the air of the time it was set in. I am a big Greek mythology "fan", and the Trojan war is an area of interest for me. A long while people have told me about this book. I never read it until later on. I was completely impressed. Despite everything, I kept reading. I didn't stop until I knew the next high point of the the plot, so that I could go to sleep dreaming about it.
David Gemmel brings about a story of immense uniquety, and extreme effort. I sometimes find it hard to believe that most of it is fiction. From a myth of an ancient city and mysterious magic, he makes everything, and I mean everything, fit in. He took every character, and altered them, created them like the myth was his own story, and he merely wanted to retell it another way. In the end, the way things fall into place is astounding.
The lord of the silver bow shows us Helikaon, and his good side. As well as his warrior side. He's a cool character because he is many things in one, yet still looks like the same man. We know who he is now. And he is not thrown together. the prophecy for Andromache was interesting. I want to see how the predictions will come true. I like her because she is strong. She stands for what she wants. Argurios I like a lot because he is strong, war-loving, yet honest. He represents a man of violence yet is one of truth. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the horror of fantasy, if that even makes sense to you
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