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Pyramids by Terry Pratchett
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Jul 13, 2011

it was amazing

Just finished re-reading this one, and wanted to say how wonderful it is! It's mind bendingly quantum, has fabulous parallels with the roundworld, puns galore (Djelibeybi? Ptraci?) and the greatest mathematician on the Disc: You Bastard.
The characters are beautifully drawn, and Pratchett's humanism is once again apparent. There are no really evil characters, just misguided ones, and in portraying these characters he highlights universal human failings and encourages introspection and understanding.
Quite apart from all the philosophy, and boy is there some, the humour is at it's best. As always it's the little touches that make it, like the Tsortean wooden horse on rockers, the religion in Viper House and all Teppic's mattresses and plumbers (so small I only found it on my fifth reading).
Another joy, for Discworld regulars, is the deepening of one's store of knowledge about the brilliant Assassin's Guild, and affiliated school. Obviously it's an early book, so it's still Dr. Cruces, not Lord Downey, who is in charge, but it's a brilliantly detailed insight into an establishment we all know and love.
Filled with Ephebians, Tsortians, stunned seagulls, Commerce, knives, handmaidens and High Priests, not to mention the mummies, a sphinx, embalmers and paracosmic architects; this is one of the very best of the early Discworld books. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the PYRAMIDS!
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Adrian you forgot to mention the camels

Alex V Yes, the mathematician camels were incredible!
I thought this book put so many concepts inside while bringing them together with humour as well as Douglas Adams. The use of geometry just made me start to contemplate all of the new age theories and wonder if I will see my imagination come alive.

Sandra I don't get the Ptraci pun?

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