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A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
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Jul 12, 2011

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Read from July 12 to 27, 2011

I don't know if I liked this book or not. The TV show followed the book with aching precision and I read the book having already seen the TV show.

That said, I was not a fan of the character POV chapters. It created disjointed story lines and flat characters. I would also just forget what happened with a character because last I heard of them was 150 pages ago.

I also because increasingly displeased with the portrayal of sex and power in the book. Inevitably, whenever an author creates a whole world (even when he steals most of it from medieval times) there is a sense that he yearns for that world. Why else would he, or readers, spend 1000 of pages in this world if there wasn't some desire to visit this land? For me, I don't take pleasure in reading about a world where women are routinely raped and degraded without any sense of redemption on the horizon. This is not a book about the revolt of the oppressed. This is a bunch of rich entitled dudes all wanting to be the king of a playground only they are allowed to play on. Is this some sense of reality? Maybe, but there is no indication that anyone in this world (save a fleeting scene of Dany stopping the rape of women by making those women her slaves!) thinks things should be different and consequently the author doesn't appear to care either.

A story needs some sense of morality, some purpose. There is none in this book and so it just leaves hundreds of pages of shit that happens and people who die and for what purpose? I suppose in the end I think this made a better TV show than book because at least on TV actors can bring to life characters that are thinly and somewhat badly written.


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