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Lost Voices by Sarah  Porter
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Jul 12, 2011

really liked it

I thought that overall this was a beautiful book and I really enjoyed the overall story, though the ending was lacking in what I would call Satisfying. I know that it is part of a trilogy, but I think that it could have been ended in a better way instead of leaving you hanging, wondering where Catarina went and why she would leave Luce, when Luce asked her to stay where she was until she returned. I think that this series has a potential of being great, it just depends on where the author decides to go with it. I thought that the idea of the girls becoming mermaids because of something traumatic in their lives was a bit far fetched, and often I wondered why the author did not elaborate more on Anais's past or why she became such a powerful villain. The book had lost me at the point where it switched to the orphans and that they all became mermaids because the crazy caretaker tried to burn them alive. Really I don't see how they could just become so mall as to fit down a drain and then be pushed all the way out to sea. As I said some of the ideas in the story are rather ridiculous, but overall the author writes with compelling emotion and at least that is what kept me reading on. I think I would definitely read some more of this series when it comes out, I just hope that maybe the ideas will be a little more realistic.

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Jolie Rolie Polie :1 convicing people to like a book is impossible, a person is a person-you can't just say like this or like that, so, we all have different opinions-i loved this book. :)

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