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Midnight and the Meaning of Love by Sister Souljah
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Jun 21, 2015

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Read in July, 2011

Well its been a minute and I have been super busy and also reading this epic tale of love, loss, compromise, revenge and descriptive travels to the mystery and beauty of Asia..I know I know I know...if you read my review of Midnight: A Gangster Love Story you would think I would never read this book ever and you'd be right (ha)...but after writing that scathing review I actually met her..., yup at book signing at the DC public library and basically told her I hated Midnight the fourteen year old married "man" protagonist and how he was arrogant and way too unbelievable with his jobs and deep passionate love and marriage..She politely listened then explained herself so profoundly about the notion of child genius and how we are not used to seeing that kind of independence and strength that children of other cultures HAVE to learn young to survive--that I bought both the hated first book and this second continuation with the promise I would email her and let her know my thoughts..She inscribed my book "To Monique, An Adventure for your Soul." And honestly truthfully while sometimes I did still abhor the ignorant and biased viewpoints spewed from the cocky fifteen year old Midnight at times, I did end up enjoying this book..It completed the first book and was actually extremely engrossing with its vivid and at times lengthy descriptions of the beautiful foreign exotic lands and people of Japan and Korea. That was much appreciated, Sista Souljah describes the people and their culture in such a matter of fact, honest way that you can't help but want to travel there, want to meet them, eat their food and be a visitor to the serene cleanliness she paints for you with her words and I loved that..Okay so the plot follows Midnight to Japan to find his wife after having her taken from him in the first book..He meets people that change him, and you see real growth and maturity in him. I must say I liked alot of what he said and did for his wife Akemi which is why no matter how beautifully it was written and spoken and agreed upon the ending comes as a letdown you just want them to be together forever--just them..I respect all that the Islam faith proscribes for their followers, the religion is beautiful and poetic to read however maybe I am a jealous, possesive "American" girl but I would have major problems with their mutual arrangement, sharing what should be yours every night, in every way..I cant say much but the situation would never fly with a powerful Scorpio like me ;) Recommended only if you read the first book and are prepared for a pleasant surprise and departure from the blatant and critical views given by Midnight on America, and are ready for softer and more respectful educating remarks on other countries and their way of life..
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