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Jul 12, 2011

Read in January, 2016

The Bible can be hard to read (some books have been really hard for me) but so good to read too!

It may take me a few more years but eventually I will finish all of it. Parts of the Bible can make perfect sense and then other parts just don't make any sense. I wish it were a little easier to read, I try reading my Message Bible and to me it's the same thing so I just read the regular (ESV) on my Kindle because I LOVE my Kindle.

Okay, just so I can keep track here is what I have read so far:

Old Testament:

Genesis - read in college for English class and reread when I started this journey on my own :)

Exodus - this one took me awhile to read and I found it really hard to understand. A great model to keep in mind that God definitely doesn't like whiners and complainers! I was in awe, too, of how much detail He put into things like the priest's robes and the tabernacle. Very interesting, but hard for me to imagine them doing all of that during their times.

Leviticus - Started reading 8/28/13. Up to Ch. 10 it is all about how to gain forgiveness through animal sacrifice. SOOOO glad Jesus came so we don't have to do all that! I was amazed at God's graciousness because he gives so many options. If you couldn't afford a bull, then do a dove, if you still can't afford a dove then you could do flour. I mean, wow! To have someone who will meet you at your needs is so great! When I got to Ch. 10 and how the Lord kills Nadab and Abihu I was confused as to why. I will look this up later as I want to learn more. I know only the Lord can know the hearts of these two men and I know there's more to it than what's in the story but just reading it, it sounds weird to me. Ch. 11 deals with what we should and should not eat. Very interesting and, aside from pig, I follow it completely and didn't even know it. Ch. 12 deals with laws of childbirth, again very interesting to read. I had read this chapter a long time ago. Ch. 13 is laws of leprosy. Glad that's not a huge issue anymore! But it's so amazing that God wrote to help the priests diagnose diseases. I think that's part of why God uses "clean/unclean" in so many other cases too. When handling animals, He gives rules and I wonder if it's partly to help us avoid diseases, makes sense to me. I love how he addresses balding in men too and says it's normal, good to know, lol! Ch. 14 is laws for cleansing lepers. Okay, up to Ch. 17 now. It's weird how the God was so detailed on our bodily fluids even. Interesting, but weird. Not gonna lie there, lol! I have talked to Him and tried to gain understanding and the best I can come up with was it was His way of protecting us from diseases way back before we had soap, indoor water, etc. to help prevent diseases. I also am confused by how a house can be infected? I didn't really understand that part either. We all have to look up later too! I have tried to read Leviticus long ago but it is not easy! Okay, reading up to ch. 20 has me FULL of questions! Going to have to dig deeper for sure. I know many say that the NT overrules the OT but I don't know. I want to know more. It's also crazy how God outlined so many rules. Don't eat blood. Good one for sure. All the unlawful sexual relations seem sound as well, especially no sex with animals - totally agree. The part about having relations with a servant and that the man was in the wrong also makes sense. I think God's assuming this would be rape? (v. 20-22) Not sure, just my assumption. Giving to the poor in Ch. 19 also really good. The part about the fruit trees was interesting too, don't eat any fruit off of them for 5 years. "Don't curse the deaf or put a stumbling block before the blind" - makes me wonder how many people would do such a thing that He had to include this? Sad for sure. "Don't breed cattle with a different kind...don't sow your field with two kinds of seed, don't wear garments with mixed fabrics (v. 19)" Don't tell fortunes, don't round the hair on your temples or mar the edges of your beard (v.26) interesting. Don't make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves (v 28) - well my church specifically says tattoos are approved in the Bible so I guess this is one that was overridden in the NT. I don't remember reading specifically about that though other than in revelations Jesus' tattoo. Do not turn to mediums (v. 31) makes it seem like mediums are real and do exist. I've always believed God does give some insight so this makes sense but it's interesting to read for sure. Ch. Child Sacrifice? Hmm. So far, so good - anyone who sacrifices their child to Molech (the "god" who they believed in in those days) is to be stoned and cut off from God. If the people don't stone him, God will still take care of that man who is "whoring" (interesting word choice) after Molech. Punishment for sex with someone who you shouldn't have sex with? Death. At first I thought maybe He meant spiritual death but then He says to kill a woman who has sex with an animal. So thinking He meant physical death. V. 23 reminds us that all the other nations, those with polygamy and incest, etc. were detested by the Lord. We are NOT to follow other's actions, only God's law. V. 27 says mediums shall be put to death. Ch. 21: V. 20 is highly intriguing. No one with any type of blemish (including dwarfs, hunchbacks, diseases, crushed testicles (huh?), mutilated face, etc. can marry a priest. Since they are blemished they can't be near to God. They may eat the bread of God, even the most holy, but they can't marry a priest. C. 22-24 talks about more "how to" rules. Sabbath is included here. C. 24 talks about the Lord stoning a boy who blasphemed His name. I wonder what the Lord saw in this boy's heart? He had to of known the boy would never turn to Him. We will never understand the Lord fully because we don't know what He knows. Eye for an Eye. Death for killing another. Ch. 25: The Sabbath Year. No work in the Sabbath year and you shall provide for all, including slaves. Year of Jubilee. Fiftieth year, each of you return to your land. Land shall not be sold for it is His. If someone becomes poor and sells land, his brother should redeem it. If there's no redeemer then let the one who sold it become prosperous and pay it back. V. 35 if your brother becomes poor you shall support him as though he were a stranger, he shall live with you. Don't lend him money at interest, don't make him a slave but a hired worker. You may buy male and female slaves. You may bequeath them to your sons as property forever (v. 45) but never rule ruthlessly. Ch. 26 Blessings for Obedience. Rain, good harvest, rest, no fear. Punishment for Disobedience. V. 16 If you abhor my rules in your soul (something only God can know) then He will: visit you with panic, wasting disease and fever, make your heart ache. Be struck down from your enemies, those who hate you will rule over you, V. 18 - if these don't change your heart, then God will do more (x7) to deflate your ego (more or less). THEN (third chance to change your tune), if you still don't change your heart, God will continue striking you down, sevenfold. v. 22 0 let loose the wild beasts against you. v. 23 if you are not turned to me (STILL!) but walk contrary to me, I will also walk contrary to you, I myself will strike you sevenfold for your sins. V. 27 If STILL not listening to me (really, I am NOT that patient!), then God will walk contrary to you in fury...sevenfolds again. Will devastate the land, cities shall be a waste. V. 34 then the land shall enjoy Sabbaths, while you are in your enemies' land. V. 40 BUT if the sinner finally comes around, God will go back to His covenant with them. It's crazy how God would forgive someone after they blatantly reject them soooo much. Ch. 27 Laws about Vows. a woman is worth 30 shekels while a male 50. Gives values of people based on age and sex. V. 30 talks about tithing to the Lord. And done with Leviticus. Definitely need a Bible study over this to understand more. Need to dig deeper, I am missing a lot I think.

Numbers - Still need to read, have read parts

Deuteronomy - need to read whole thing, just have read parts

Joshua - finished on May 21, 2012. It was hard for me to read all the inheritance parts but aside from that it was okay.

Judges - Read the Gideon chapters for Priscilla Shirer study. Started reading 9/11/13. Ch. 1 Gives a brief history (a lot of names, familial lines, etc.) and then God commands them to drive out the Canaanites but they don't do it. They let them live among them in many ways. In Ch. 2 God tells them since they did not obey his command and chose to live among them instead that he will now not drive them out but let them become a thorn in their side (natural consequence of their poor choice to disobey). Joshua dies and his followers do evil in the eyes of God (they pray to other gods, make idols...), The Lord Raises up Judges who saved them out of the hand of those who plundered them (v16), But they didn't listen to them, they turned away and didn't listen to God again. V. 18 says "for the Lord was moved to pity by their groaning because of those who afflicted and oppressed them. But whenever the judge died, they turned back and were more corrupt than their fathers, doing after other gods, serving them and bowing down to them. They did not drop any of their practices or their stubborn ways. (Yikes, sounds like me sometimes!!). V. 20 So the anger of the Lord was kindled and he basically says he will leave the nations as they are and not give them into the hand of Joshua. Ch. 3 - V. 1 says that the LOrd will be testing Israel, to see if they will obey Him but instead they take partake in incest and the Lord only sees evil. The Lord's anger is kindled again and he sells them into the hand of Cushan-rishathaim, King of Mesopotamia. I'm confused, lol! I don't get v. 22 and the killing of the fat guy? I didn't get the rest of this chapter at all. Ch. 4-end, lol! I just can't do the chapter by chapter notes anymore, please forgive me. By the end of this book, I felt totally clueless. I will never understand the actions of people or why they do what they do. But to chop up someone into 12 pieces and send those body parts to 12 nations was just too much. I read the "Bare Bones Bible" summary of Judges and so it makes more sense, just very odd and disturbing none the less. But alas, I completed Judges. The last three horrific chapters I read out loud to my husband and both of us were in awe - and not a good awe at that.

Ruth - such a great book!

1 Samuel - Finished end of October 2013

2 Samuel - Finished 11/17/2013

1 Kings - need to read

2 Kings - need to read

1 Chronicles - need to read

2 Chronicles - need to read

Ezra - read on 6/13/12

Nehemiah - I read this one after my James' study, it's a good book!
Ester - Read Ester on 6/12/12 after reading Jewel of Persia. Wow, what a great story of history! I know I enjoyed Ester even more after reading the book that I did based on her life. Although it was fiction, I couldn't believe how many true facts the author encapsulated in it!

Job - 1/2 way, need to finish

Psalms - Finished book of Psalms on 11/17/12 (book 78 was very interesting in that it summarizes the first parts of the Bible)

Proverbs - finished on April 24, 2012

Ecclesiastes - read on Mar. 23, 2012 for my Bible study (Brave). It was good and I understood it, or feel like I do :)

Song of Solomon - read on 6/13/12

Isaiah - need to read

Jeremiah - need to read

Lamentations - read on 6/17/12, very weird book. Seemed like it was bashing God but then one of the chapters praised and then it reversed again.

Ezekiel - need to read

Daniel - Finished on July 27, 2012 - very interesting book. Parts were very clear and then other parts made little to no sense to me. Would love to do a study on this book in hopes of understanding it more. Isn't it odd that 2 months later my Bible study grouped picked Daniel! Wow! Made a lot more sense after doing Beth Moore's study, I got so much out of it that I missed on my own. It's amazing to me how the Bible is so complete, so many prophecies fulfilled - it was crazy I never wanted to believe it before.

Hosea - Up to ch. 5 on July 27, 2012. Finished on 8.1.12. I was shocked of the names the Lord picked for the kids. Very weird and at first it sounded awful, towards the end it made sense and explaied the names better. This book was quite weird imo, very hard to understand for me.

Joel - read on 6/18/12, short book but good - talks of God's anger and love

Amos - read 8/31/13 - Somewhat hard for me to understand too, but read summaries to help. Talks about what God will do if the people don't turn to Him. He gives several efforts and tells Amos to tell them things to help make them see. Talks about all the things God has done to try to get them to come to Him. They still don't. If people don't come to God when they need help the most, will they ever? I don't know. It's a very confusing topic for sure. This is a huge stumbling block for many people (the "evilness" of God, but he it is only through our minds that we deem that, as we don't know what He knows...) against Christianity in general. In Amos it does say, in my own summation, if they would just turn to the Lord, He would forgive them and bless them. It's that simple. Ch. 8 talks about the most severe punishment being a famine from the Lord himself.

Obadiah - shortest book of the Bible, summary is that the coming of the Lord is near

Jonah - Did with Bible study in Fall 2011 (Priscilla Shirer, it was awesome!)

Micah - Read 9/2/13 Next 3 books deal with God's wrath. Prophesize of Jesus coming as well in this book.

Nahum - Read 9/2/13 God warns again of not worshipping of other gods, stealing, etc. He will save all those who are not evil before punishing the evil ones. Talks of how merciful and patient God is before He becomes wrathful.

Habakkuk - Read 9/2/13 Talks of Babylonians and how sinful they were to save up and steal from others.

Zephaniah - read. talks about the coming of the Lord, destroying mankind, talks about how God will not do good or ill (v. 12), Judgement of the Nations - Ch. 3 Woe to those who don't listen, who don't trust the Lord. Israel's Joy and Restoration "you shall never again fear evil" v. 15, talks about how the Lord will save us

Haggai - very short, two chapters. the gist that I got was we waste too much time focusing on our own homes/things than worshipping God in HIS home. I could be off, but that's what I was feeling from it.

Zechariah - need to read

Malachi - read 9/13, talks about Lord's love for Israel, ch. 2 - the Lord rebuking the priests (VERY odd how the Lord says he will spread dung on their faces. Didn't expect that in v. 3!), The Messenger of the Lord; Ch. 3 - v. 5 talks about how the Lord will draw near for judgment and who he doesn't like (adulterers, sorcerers, liars, oppressors, the widow and fatherless (why them?), those who thrust aside sojourners, those who do not fear the Lord. Robbing God. v. 6 "for I the Lord do not change" tells people to return to Him and He will return to them, v. 10 talks about bringing full tithe into the storehouse and how we should test Him on tithing, that He WILL bless those who tithe. The Book of Remembrance. This part was interesting to me. Starts by saying, "The LOrd paid attention and heard them, and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the Lord and esteemed his name" (v. 16). It makes it seem like the Lord isn't always paying attention to what we say? Very confusing to me. Also, I don't get why He needs a book to remember the names? I didn't understand this part at all. Kind of like the Book of Life too - why does it have to be written down? Does God forget like we do? Surely not, but this makes it seem like maybe so. I don't know - again, I'm very confused on this chapter/book for sure. And then the book ends in Ch. 4 by saying, "And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction." end of Old Testament. What a note to end it on! Scary for sure...

New Testament:
John - did Bible study
Acts - We studied a lot of Acts during my study about Paul. It helped me to understand Acts even better and I need to reread for sure!
1 Corinthians
2 Corinthians
1 Thessalonians
2 Thessalonians
1 Timothy
2 Timothy
Titus - did Bible study
Hebrews - what a great one!
James - did Beth Moore's Bible study on this one, it was awesome!

Yay I finished ALL of the NT! I have begun reading the OT (I've read some of the books but it's been awhile so I am just starting from the beginning). It will take me awhile but I will finish!

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