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Friends of Choice by Linda  Nelson
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Jul 12, 2011

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Read from July 12 to September 02, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This story was about a high school teenager named Karla Centon. Her family moved after her father got a new job in another town. She wasn’t that popular in her old school, so she may have seen this new school as a new opportunity to reinvent herself.

She meets a girl named Carol and Carol befriends her. It is obvious that Carol has some bad behavior from the beginning, but Karla chose to overlook it. Carol was drinking, shop lifting, unconcerned with her education or really her future, lacked parental guidance and Carol was appeared to be a bully.
Karla didn’t really stand up for herself or her values, but then again, the author didn’t make it clear whether Karla even had good values. At least Karla’s mom asked where she was going and appeared concerned, whereas Carol’s mom was just clueless.

Carol invites Karla to a house party where drugs and alcohol were present. Karla takes a drink from Carol and never asked her what she was drinking. Karla also didn't ask Carol what was the substance that Carol dropped into the drinks that fizzed.
At the end of the night (and book), Karla ended up at the hospital.
A lot of things come to light.

1) Lots of great issues touched upon: self-esteem, shoplifting, drugs, date rape, drinking, academics vs. sports, parental/child relationships or lack thereof, dangers of alcoholism, consequences of job loss, bullying etc.
However, it was too much stuff for such a small book. Also these subjects were mentioned but not delved into. I would have preferred 1-3 topics fully developed rather than this kitchen sink type of plot.

2) I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have a good grasp on Karla’s personality. Was she a strong person before meeting Carol and was duped? Or was she a follower anyway? I would like to say that she would not have had sex with Gerry without the date rape drug…but I can’t. Karla didn’t seem to take a stand on much, so I don’t know what her behavior would have been. Either way, it doesn’t excuse Gerry’s behavior.

3) The date rape drugs, alcohol and jocks theme is kind of stereotypical, but I do appreciate the point that sometimes being with the Captain of the football team can cloud a girl’s judgment. But Date rape is hard to prove. I am surprised Carol was so forth coming, that seems inconsistent with her personality.
I didn't like the cops not being truthful with the Karla.

4) There were issues with the family that wasn’t explored well. For instance, Mrs. Centon’s drinking was mentioned a lot but we don’t know when she started, how long and what may have precipitated the drinking. Alcoholism in woman is becoming a problem in society, so the author could have expounded on that issue, and it affected the family. Instead there were a couple of sentences thrown in about foreclosure due to her behavior/problem.

5) Carol seemed to have set Karla up from the minute she realized Karla was from a rival school. But then Carol seemed genuinely upset that Karla was gang-raped and that she overdosed on drugs. Carol said this was what they did to rivals, which leads me to believe that Carol has done this to a previous girl. So why the remorse now? Also, how does Carol afford alcohol and drugs? Surely she can steal clothes, but it’s hard to steal drugs and alcohol.

This book was disturbing to me. I realize that the subject matter is a very real issue in our society and deserves a lot of discussion, but I don’t think it was done well. There are a lot of holes in the plot or areas that require much more development.
My suggestion would be to use this story as an outline and then go back and expand on the issues the author wants to bring to the forefront. A good idea, perhaps not executed as well as the author could have.

Finally, I think a better title would have been "Choice of Friends".

**I won this book as part of the LibraryThing Member Giveaway**

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