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Good Girls Don't by Victoria Dahl
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Aug 22, 2011

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Good Girls Don't is the first book in the Donovan Brothers Brewery series. If you've read Dahl's previous contemporary series, Tumble Creek, you know that she writes realistic and funny characters and great sex scenes. In this new series, she did not disappoint.

Tessa is part owner of the family brewery. At the age of 14 she lost her parents and her older brother, Eric, took over the family business and raised Tessa and her brother, Jaime. Tessa feels like it is her duty to keep to the peace between her two brothers. Eric being older and having taken on the responsibility of raising two teenagers at the age of 24 is serious and take charge. He is the patriarch of the family and his role in the family is more fatherly than brotherly. This causing tension between Eric and Jaime because Jaime is the irresponsible one. The two brothers are constantly bickering and Tessa has put it on herself to be the peacemaker.

Tessa meets Luke when there's a break-in at the brewery and Luke is the detective in charge of the investigation. There is instant chemistry when Luke and Tessa first meet. Jaime, who was friends with Luke back in their college days, warns Luke away from Tessa. And warns Tessa that Luke isn't good enough for her. Tessa isn't going to let her older brothers tell her who she can and cannot date and does not heed their warnings.

Luke and Tessa both have issues that they needs to work out. There are rumors around town regarding Luke's relationship with his partner, Simone. Tessa believes him when he tells her that nothing is going in but as their relationship progresses, doubt rears its ugly head. Losing her parents at a young age, Tessa has a lot of trust issues. She is afraid of being left and this fear causes her to sabotage the family business and ruin her relationship with Luke.

Good Girls Don't gets off to a great start. I enjoyed the first half of the book a lot. What started weighing the book down for me was what I perceived as Luke's inappropriate relationship with his partner, Simone. Simone is pregnant but will not tell Luke who the father is. They've been partners for two years and have developed a close friendship. But his constant meddling into her private life and his preoccupation with who the father of her baby is, was too much for me. I felt that Luke needed to mind his own business and if Simone wanted to tell him, she would. There are many points where he crossed over the line and instead of coming off as a good guy who cared about his friend, I found it kind of creepy.

Tessa works extremely hard to keep her family intact. Her abandonment issues is the reason why she's never had a relationship. She is so worried about keeping her family together that she doesn't allow for anyone to get close to her. I understood Tessa's motivation behind her actions. Her brothers is the only family she has so she's afraid of losing them. But never in the story was there any indication that Eric and Jaime were leaving. Some of her actions were immature and caused more harm than good.

Good Girls Don't was a good read. There were funny moments. And some sexy ones. Dahl knows how to write a great sex scene and even better kissing scene. Luke and Tessa's first kiss was sexy as hell. But I don't expect anything less from Dahl. I loved the family dynamic and that the story centered around a family business. The characters are written wonderfully. You experience their frustration, anger, and their love. Some parts of the story dragged and I thought that the mystery of the robbery took up too much of the plot. But all in all, I thought that Good Girls Don't was an enjoyable read. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in this series.

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