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The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter
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Jul 12, 2011

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Read in February, 2016


I love this world already and have gained so many book boyfriends ;)

3 "I am ready for this world" Stars

There were so many emotions running through my mind from anger to hate to like to adoring to pissed to what the fuck. Yeah, you name it, I went through it all. I am going to try to break this book down in a sane manner because my mind is still feeling chaotic from the mess I just read.

So, the main couple of the book gets 1 star for their story. I did not give two damns about them and the rest of the story was a 4 stars. I mean what can I say I am a sucker for bromance and this book had so much of it. The average is three stars.

Plot: 1.0 (for Maddox & Ashlyn) & (5.0 for the others)
Characters: 1.0 (for Maddox & Ashlyn) & (5.0 for the others)
Romance: 1.0 (for Maddox & Ashlyn) & (5.0 for the others)
Ending: 4.0
Writing: 2.5

Book Boyfriend: Not Maddox.
Page Turner: Surprisingly... yes. It was addicting because I love the other warriors.
Irksome Qualities: Maddox and Ashlyn's relationship. Straight up irritating.
Recommended: It is worth the read to get to the other warriors.


Each warrior was punished to house a demon because they opened Pandora's box. This book is about Maddox, the Keeper of Violence. Who was like this throughout the whole book...

which was annoying as hell.

There was so much going on with this book because a ton of new characters was being thrown at and I was trying to keep up like...

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I should be thankful though because I hated the main characters Maddox and Ashlyn. Anyone else's story was more interesting than those too.

Let's start with the good.

I loved the brotherhood vibes I got from the men because I am a sucker for friendship. I like all the men

except Maddox... I cannot stand him. I do not care how violet his eyes are.

Anything Torin, Aeron, Strider, Gideon and Sabin was good to read. There are vying for the position of my favorite warrior of the group. I cannot wait for their stories. It better be good.

"If you don't, you're a fool," Aeron said, maintaining that conversational tone. "Maybe I'll kill your precious Ashlyn when I kill the others, and break her spell over you once and for all." - If only.

You cannot have a character name Strider and not expect me to fall in love with him. I mean Aragorn anyone.

I did not give two shits about Ashlyn Darrow, Maddox or the romance that they had cooking up. I felt so disconnected with these characters... I literally skimmed and skipped through their parts. They are so boring. They are the worst first couple book I have come across... the worst I tell you.

Aeron on Maddox: What kind of warrior turned on his friends for a woman who would ultimately betray him?- Yeah I am wondering the same thing boo.

Maddox thoughts: He didn't like the image of her doing manual labor. He wanted her in bed, resting. And naked. Yes, naked. - This line irritated me and Maddox thoughts are so cheesy.


I am not accustom to Gena Showalter's style of writing. I did not really care for it and sometimes it was becoming a bit repetitive. Also, I am not a fan of he way she narrates guys POV and I hope it improves.

There were multiple point of views and I was EXTREMELY grateful for it because if I had to read the book in Ashlyn's or Maddox's POV, I would have drove myself insane or simply not finish the book or the series.

"You are mine, woman, and I am yours. Until you, my life was desolate. I existed, but I didn't truly live. Now I live, even in my death." - Zsadist is that you? He sounded better saying it though.

My rankings of the Warriors in this book (Subject to chance as I read the other books). I like them all except Maddox so he is the only LEAST FAVORITE.


Lovable and fun characters

Maddox: I hate his guts. Fuck his "alpha" dominating ways because he is controlling son of a bitch and he does not give a shit about anyone, but Ashlyn. Yeah, how adorable, right? Wrong.

Ashlyn Darrow:I did not like her much either, but she did a nice thing for Maddox in the end. Then, I would think

My rankings of the Warriors in this book (Subject to chance as I read the other books). I like them all except Maddox so he is the only LEAST FAVORITE.
(view spoiler)

Well, it is Lucien's turn now. I hope he is better than Maddox when it comes to love.

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