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Vampire und andere Katastrophen (Argeneau #11) by Lynsay Sands
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Jul 12, 2011

it was ok
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As expected this novel didn't convince me either. I'm not saying no one should read the series, but it's not my thing. Of course you could ask my why I'm reading the books, then. Well, for starters, because of a few challenges. But the real reason is: Because I can without paying for the books.

So, this book together with the 10th and 12th belongs to a little spin-off series inside of the Argeneau series, evolving around the Rogue Hunters. This time we also meet No-Fangers and their less lunatic relatives whose title I forgot. Sorry, I should probably look it up now but I don't have the book anymore. Anyway, No-Fangers are Immortals who have, who would have thought, no fangs and go crazy.

I have a wonderful concept worked out here, but Sands used another one that isn't so much friends with Darwin and much more with Lamark. I'm not saying Lamark is a bad guy, but scientist all (or most of them?) around the world agree when they say that he wasn't right with his theories. Anyway, in Sands world the Nanos give their hosts everything they need. It's like you wish for something and you get it, which is very Lamark. In a nutshell, he said that for example you are 1.50 m tall and you need to be 20cm taller to reach.. your bookshelf, which is very important for you go survive, you will grow taller. If that was the case, I'd now look very much like Emilie Clarke. Darwin says that these mutations are random and you're just lucky if you are born tall (or small, depends on the POV, I guess). If you're tall and it's an adventage, meaning that you'll have it easier to get food and someone to give you babies who'll, too, inherit this gene, yay! If not, nay.

Sands No-Fangers are an entirely other 'race' as in: Another scientific experiment that's gone wrong. They don't have the same Nanos and this makes 1 third of them die, another third go crazy and then there is this one last 1/3 who's normal but doesn't have fangs. - No real explanation for the 'Let's go get crazy' thing (my explanation still is that their brain screams: GROW FANGS! and their body doesn't so their always in this conflict and go insane about that lol)

Oh damn, I just nerded my blog dead. Stop, don't unfollow me!

Soooooo back to the original topic, The Immortal Hunter.

The villain in this book is a No-Fanger, Leo, and tries to feed.. Well, he does. Having no fangs it's a bloody business and being a lunatic and a sadistic asshole, it's also very cruel. One of his almost victims is Danielle, the heroine of this book. She's.. okay enough. Having a sister and a big family is a big plus, although Sands didn't deal too much with all of that (except with the sister who's kidnapped by the No Fangers, too. Plural because it's not just Leo but his group of sons, too.). Decker, the hero is, yes, one of the Rogue Hunters and notices that Danielle is his lifemate. I'd love to see him fall for her without all the friggin Nanos, but this will probably never, ever happen in a novel that belongs to this series.

Sad thing, too, because I don't see the point in their relationships. Lucian wasn't able to read the thoughts of his relatives, too and didn't spend all of his time with him. It's the same thing, right? I mean, I'm not saying: "Incest and homosexuality!" when he isn't bi or homosexual. And well, incest's just not.. Anyway, it's more the fact that this should make a difference, too. Doesn't. Apparently.

The other folks, namely Nick, Stephenie, 21 and Justin Bricker, have potential and will hopefully all have their own novel or at least novella or.. well, I just want to know what happens to them, if they die, let me at least see it. ;)

I'm not impressed, but if you, like me, can read the books without paying for them - library or friend, try them. And if you liked the others.. Well, you'll like this one, too, I guess. Although it's getting a bit boring. You'd think the new No Fanger thing'd make it more interesting, but it actually really doesn't.

D e u t s c h.

Was soll ich sagen? Es ist eigentlich sehr.. grenzwertig von mir, die Reihe zu lesen, obwohl ich doch schon weiß, dass sie mir nicht wirklich gefällt. Ich finde die Nano Erklärungen einfach traurig, denn im richtigen Leben gibt es keine Nanos und keine Versicherung dafür, dass der, mit dem man zusammen lebt, der Richtige (oder die Richtige) ist.

Die No Fanger Idee erscheint mir zu wenig ausgebaut. Außerdem hätte Sands die Leute wirklich schon früher mal kurz erwähnen können. Jetzt wirkt es so, als wäre ihr kein anderer 'Feind' eingefallen.

Die Heldin, Danielle, ist mir nicht mal wirklich im Gedächtnis geblieben - Decker aber auch nicht. An wen ich mich noch erinnere, ist Stephanie, die Schwester von Danielle, die auch in Folgebändern noch einmal auftrit. Oh und Nick natürlich. I like Nick! :D

Was bleibt mir zu sagen? Es ist einfach nicht mein Geschmack, aber ich kann mir vorstellen, dass dieser Teil dem Einen oder Anderen gefallen könnte, vor allem, da sich Sands ja vom zehnten bis zwölften Band weniger auf die Argeneaus konzentriert als auf die Rogue Hunter. Vorteil ist dabei, das auch die Menschen eine gewisse Gleichberechtigung haben. Man kennt die Hunter genauso wenig wie die Menschen. Zumindest so ungefähr. ;)

Irgendwie wiederhole ich mich bei meinen Argeneau Rezensionen immer. Aber das macht ja auch die Autorin in ihren Romanen, also was solls. ;b (Ohh, das war böse. Sorry!)

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