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The Distant Hours by Kate Morton
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"[...] I scrambled for the words to explain to him the contract between reader and writer, the dangers of narrative greed. The sacrilege of just blurting out what had taken chapters to build, secrets hidden carefully by the author behind countless sleights of hand."

-- p.215
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Kate Morton
“I don’t have many friends, not the living, breathing sort at any rate. And I don’t mean that in a sad and lonely way; I’m just not the type of person who accumulates friends or enjoys crowds. I’m good with words, but not spoken kind; I’ve often thought what a marvelous thing it would be if I could only conduct relationships on paper. And I suppose, in a sense, that’s what I do, for I’ve hundreds of the other sort, the friends contained within bindings, pages after glorious pages of ink, stories that unfold the same way every time but never lose their joy, that take me by the hand and lead me through doorways into worlds of great terror and rapturous delight. Exciting, worthy, reliable companions - full of wise counsel, some of them - but sadly ill-equipped to offer the use of a spare bedroom for a month or two.”
Kate Morton, The Distant Hours

Kate Morton
“My fingers positively itched to drift at length along their spines, to arrive at one whose lure I could not pass, to pluck it down, to inch it open, then to close my eyes and inhale the soul-sparking scent of old and literate dust.”
Kate Morton, The Distant Hours
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Kate Morton
“She hadn't wanted to be loved carefully, only well.”
Kate Morton, The Distant Hours
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8.0% "ever start a book and just know you're going to love it, regardless of the final outcome? It's just that good? That's how I feel starting The Distant Hours." 5 comments
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33.0% "aaand I am researching the pricwe of Morton's other books because I will want more, immediately, after this," 2 comments
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40.0% "I want to call in sick to work so I can stay home to read this."
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59.0% "taking my time and enjoying this novel."

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Diane Lochner If you finished it...did you come away thinking Juniper was actually the daughter of Saffy and Raymond? I did.
And commenting/asking you (someone I don't know) because of line you posted about an author laying hidden clues behind sleight of hand.

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