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On Location by Jen Calonita
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Jul 11, 11

** spoiler alert ** If you enjoy Hollywood scandals and or want to become a hot new teen in show biz you better hit the book because theres a lot more to it than you think. Don’t worry there is a book that you can read that will prep you. It’s called Hollywood Secrets a novel by Jen Calonita. The character of this story, Kaitlin Burkes one of Teen’s People’s 25 Hottest Stars Under 25, can tell you all the secrets you need to know:

Secret of My Hollywood Life On Location – It seems like the summer of dreams comes true for Hollywood princess Kaitlin Burke: the media loves her (again), super cute and funny Austin Meyers is finally her boyfriend, and she starring in a movie by her all-time favorite director, Hutch Adams. What could be sweeter? But life on set is not nearly as perfect as the designer makeup and couture costumes. And with a slimy ex-boyfriend and a scheming new studio executive on the scene, it’s about to get a whole lot messier….

HOOLYWOOD SECRET NUMBER ONE: When it comes to celebrity dating, many stars talk about the benefits of dating a fellow actor. Between you and me, that “ celeb-only ” dating speech is week-old baloney. The truth is, it’s tough to date a fellow actor. There’s too much competition over who’s the bigger star and too much stress over spending the next six months apart when you ship off to shoot a movie in Bangladesh and he in on location in the West Indies.
The real reason why actors so often date other actors? We’ve got nobody else to date! Stars mostly spend time with other stars (and reality show hangers-on). A famous actress is unlikely to find her next relationship while pumping gas at the local Mobil. That is unless, … you spend a few months pretending to be someone your not. That’s how I met a real guy like Austin. Now I just hope he can handle living under a microscope.

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