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River Cast by Samantha Young
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Jul 17, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from July 16 to 17, 2011

Holy wow. Like seriously. Jeez. Cliffhanger much?! Just so you all know, what has me speaking like a tongue tied 13 year old is this amazing second book to this series. Samantha Young has once again put together a thrilling, fast pace, emotional journey for us. And when I say emotional, I mean it. I literally wanted to punch some people in the face. I could also have done with some shaking/slapping of some people also. I mean come on, some people need sense knocked into them once in awhile.


This book has started right where the last had left off. Caia is still with her pack, helping out the Daylight coven with her visions of what is going on with the Midnights. But Caia is becoming more and more confused in this war. What is suppose to be all black and white, good and evil, is turning out to be a blurred line. And since Lucien has very clearly labled his feelings for Caia, she feels like she has no one left to truly trust and confide in.

Once she is called to the Daylight Covens headquarters with Lucien after a vision she had of the Midnights planning an attack on another lycan pack, she is thrown into classes and seminars and even gets her own water magik teacher if you will. This is all thanks to Marita, the leader of the Daylights. Marita will stop at nothing to keep Caia at the Centre with her, aiding in the fight against the Midnights. Yet Caia has mixed feelings about Marita and knows she can not exactly trust this woman.

During a meeting, Caia gets a first hand gaze at why she can not exactly trust Marita. See, Marita introduces Rose, Lucien's old flame he had when he ran away from his pack. Caia, still having strong feelings toward Lucien [uhh duh.] immediately starts taking their past relationship to heart, and is slipping away from Lucien. Deciding he can not be trusted by her, she distances herself from him at all costs. Leaving Caia to handle the war by herself, or so she wants to believe.

After some incredible discoveries [really trying hard not to include any spoilers here people!] Caia takes it upon herself to fix everything. Some people just can not be trusted, and with a few friends and some magik, Caia learns who she can trust, who is her enemy, and who was there for her all along.


Okay, so after that can I say WOW again?!?!?!?! Because that is the only word that comes to mind still. I will tell you all this, I compleatly wanted to kick Lucien in the head. Maybe then he would have stopped acting like such a MAN! You know men, how they think they can read us women, and how the NEVER say how the really feel. This book had me turning page after page to not only seeing Caia and Luciens relationship crumble before my eyes, but to get to know the new amazingly sizziling romance between Jaeden and Ryder.

I really love how Samantha young gave us a break from Caia and Luciens narration. Because, darn it, I needed that break. I felt like I was going to break my darn nook for how angry I was at both of them. Having all those feelings and not telling one another?! GOSH DARN! Oh, but Jae and Ryder were totally adorable. I was SO happy for Jae after everything that had happened, and the fact that she has liked Ryder all along. And Ryder, how fast he got his feelings toward Jae. How totally taken he was with her, he had my heart melting. Because I have ALWAYS loved Ryder. He is so genuine, perfect for Jae.

[[EDITED IN: I just thought I would put this in here so I didn't have to restructure what I already wrote, but I would just like to tell you all how much I detested Rose! The one who use to have a thing with Lucien? Yeah, well she is horrid. I wanted Caia to take her pride and throw it out the window just once, so she could seriously hurt this Rose girl. Who shamelessly throws herself at Lucien. Okay, yeah there is more, but I hated her. Just thought you all should know. [: ]]

But, back to our leading lady, the all powerful Caia. She was by far my favorite of this book. How, even though going through a romantic dilemma that was tearing her apart, she managed to not let that get in the way of what she was meant to do. Of what she had to do for the greater good of everyone. She took that emotion she had, and instead of falling apart and not doing anything [like a lot of girls in books now a days], she helped it make her stronger. She channeled it toward growing up, being stronger, taking control of her powers and feelings and taking everything into her own hands.

It was so refreshing to see that in a female lead. Because I got plenty of her being a bad ass, and my favorite thing of all, a hot tempting heart breaking romance. The way she never faltered from what she felt, and how she was still that stronger person after everything turned out the way it did. She didn't let it soften her up. It added a whole new side to her in fact. Leaving her complete. Which is exactly what she will need in order to finish this epic fight Samantha Young has left us with.

This was a huge cliffhanger at the end. I was so mad. Really, completely mad. I wanted to throw my nook at the door, then I calmed down and realized I could buy the third and final book. Which I did immediately after I gave it five stars.

Samantha Young is an incredible talented writer who knows how to keep her fans braced and ready for anything she may throw us next. From heart pounding, nerve wracking, nail biting, awe inspiring, and heart melting scenes to utter disbelief, anger, yell inducing, laugh inducing emotions. She has you on a journey with plenty of twists and turns to keep any reader holding on tight with what the next page may throw at us.

But one thing is sure, I am totally ready for ride, because it is so worth it.

Happy Reading All.

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