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Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger
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Jul 11, 2011

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While I usually tend to go for heavier books, I do enjoy a good chick lit every now and then... but the key word in that is "good". Last Night at Chateau Marmont wasn't that at all. It started out interestingly enough... girl meets boy, girl stalks boy, girl goes out with boy's cousin and ends up marrying boy. Boy wants to be a musician, so girl works 2 jobs to support boy in his endeavor. Fine, whatever, I'll play along.

But then boy gets famous, and boy gets cocky. And girl let's him walk all over her... and here in lies the problem. While I'm sure Ms. Weisberger's intention was to write a cute story about how love conquers all, what she ended up writing was a guide to letting your man walk all over you. The girl - Brooke - puts up with way too much. At the beginning, it's understandable. Her husband skyrockets to fame, he's bound to get a bit irritable while trying to adjust to the lifestyle. However, as time goes on, it gets ridiculous. At one point, Brooke innocently asks her husband if he's having fun... literally all she says is "are you having fun?" And her husband snaps back with "we're actually working here." As if she meant to say he was just playing around. And then he turns it into a big thing about how she doesn't let him have any free reign, and she's always nagging him to come home, and blah blah blah. What that turns into is him being away for weeks at a time, to come home and tell Brooke that they don't spend enough time together because she's working two jobs.

I suppose the ending is supposed to redeem everything; he comes back with a wonderful plan about how to make their marriage work, and Brooke readily forgives him. Which is absolutely fine... I mean, if you want to forgive your husband after having an affair, go for it. But after all the stuff she put up with? After everything he did to her, said to her, put her through? To forgive him in two seconds after pages and pages of how she simply cannot exist without him? It was just too much.

Chick lit or not, if the main character isn't strong enough to stand on her two legs, I'm just not interested. Still, it was well written, so I give it three stars.

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07/16/2011 page 10
2.0% "Trying to get through it, but it's a lot fluffier than what I normally read... and Brooke is so annoying."
07/18/2011 page 38
9.0% "Okay, I have to admit: Brooke and Julian are cute together, but this is SO not my genre. It's killing me. I need someone to develop supernatural powers or something like... now. Normal muggle relationships... ew."
07/18/2011 page 50
12.0% "Oh snap. Leno."
07/23/2011 page 70
16.0% "The title of Chapter 8 is "my weak heart just can't handle another threesome". This is so chick lit. Ugh."
07/26/2011 page 230
53.0% "Interesting... when you get past the halfway point, everything is easy going from there. I still don't care about these characters and I hate how Brooke won't stand up for herself but I mean whatever almost done almost done."
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