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The Walking Dead, Vol. 01 by Robert Kirkman
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Jan 16, 12

did not like it
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Read from January 14 to 15, 2012

I gave this book one star for several reasons, mainly because of its sexism, how cliched it is, the lack of character development, and the ridiculous amount of inconsistencies in the novel.

The Sexism

The book is so blatantly sexist it's disgusting. The women are there simply to be saved; they are stereotypically weak and have no real personalities (just like nearly everyone else in this book). Just take a look at these gems:

"Donna: I just don't understand why we're the ones doing laundry while they go off and hunt. When things get back to normal I wonder if we'll still be allowed to vote.
Lori: Are you serious? I don't know about you, but I can't shoot a gun... I've never even tried. To be honest... I wouldn't trust any of those guys to wash my clothes. Rick couldn't do it with a washing machine... He'd be lost out here. This isn't about Women's Rights... It's about being realistic and doing what needs to be done.
Donna: Whatever."

This is just a cheap excuse to not have any of the women actually do anything. In reality, you'd want to learn as many survival skills as possible, and that includes learning how to hunt and how to wash. Both of the sexes should be learning such things. Kirkman claims that this book is filled with social commentary. You know what this tells his female readers? That all they're worth is their domestic abilities and that they're pretty much screwed unless a man is there to save them.

Yeah, thanks asshole.

Now, take a look at this:

"Rick: Lori tells me Donna just won't shut up about you and the girls living together in that camper. She started right after we got back from target practice a couple days ago and hasn't let up since. Pretty much the only thing she's talked to me about since I let Carl start practicing with us.
Man Whose Name I Can't Remember: Donna ain't shown a lick of gratitude for me saving her life. I don't see how Allen puts up with her. (...)
Rick: Y'know, I figured you've earned the right to have two pretty young women keep you company. Without your camping gear we'd be screwed."

Um, excuse me?

Firstly, what do you fucking want for being a decent human being? A fucking cookie? Should he have not saved her because he finds her annoying? That's fucking sick and horrible. He doesn't deserve praise for doing something decent. "Oh, I saved your life, now you have to agree with everything I do and say and never ever question me ever and if you do fuck you you deserve to die because you're a horrible person."

Secondly, fuck you Kirkman. Women aren't a fucking consolation prize to be won for doing shit. They're fucking people, NOT CONSOLATION PRIZES.

This obviously isn't the way the characters are; there isn't enough personality around for that. All the men act that this; it's completely obvious that this is Kirkman's "commentary". Fuck you, Kirkman, fuck you.

Cliches and Character Development

Concerning character development: there is none. None of these characters have any personality. In all these pages, we learn absolutely nothing about any of these people except their names, who their families are, and what they were doing before the zombie apocalypse. We know nothing else about them. They're bland, they have no real personality. Especially the women! Like I said earlier, they're just there to make the men look all good and kickass.

Cliches: The writing is utterly cliched. It's filled with things no one would really say or do. The dialogue is so bad it's almost laughable.

The Inconsistencies

There were quite a few inconsistencies throughout the book, but the one that stood out the most to me is in the beginning, when Rick wakes up a MONTH after the zombie apocalypse begins. On his journey to Atlanta, he finds a horse stuck in a barn. The family has long been dead. How in the hell did this horse survive without any food or water for a month?! What the flying fuck?

Overall this book is horrible. The art is OK, however many of the characters look extremely similar (great work Tony Moore!), the characters suck, the sexism is ridiculous, and there are too many inconsistencies in the novel for me to ignore.

I would definitely NOT recommend this book to anyone unless you are extremely bored and desperate for something to read.
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message 1: by Gill (new)

Gill However it might be quite interesting to try rewriting the situation from the points of view you hold? i.e. women on an equal footing to men, or perhaps holding all the cards... :-)

Casey Robinson I think you might want to keep in mind that the sexism was apparent, and obviously wanted you to hate Donna's husband, love Donna, and show that Lori was just your average small town house wife.

Sexism is a real thing, and showing it doesn't make the book sexist.

Throughout the entire series, Donna learns to become more independent. Who is the best shot out of everyone? Why that would be a girl. It's not a sexist book, it just used sexism, something common in the south, as a plot point.

Stephanie It's a zombie graphic novel what do expect!! Lol

Anna Kļaviņa Great review!

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