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Resurrection by Boone Brux
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3.5/5 - Review held for now at the request of the publisher. This book is being re-edited and has been rescheduled for a December release, and I will likely read the new version when it is available.


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Rose May My review is being held too. :( I'll have to re-read it - I'm hoping they'll have addressed all my concerns by then.

Jess the Romanceaholic I hope so. It seemed to have a lot of potential and really just needed tighter editing I think..

Rose May It definitely had potential! I loved Icarus, personally. I can't wait to see his story. Tighter editing and a little work with character inconsistencies and the slightly convoluted plot.
I really liked the story, though. I'm looking forward to see where Brux goes with her writing career.

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