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The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett
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Mar 22, 2008

it was amazing
Read in March, 2006

Brilliant! Or, should I say, Crivens! I love Terry Pratchett's work, and his latest endeavors into Takes-Place-On-Discworld-But-Isn't-A-Discworld-Novels are, if possible, even better than just your standard Discworld novels. If you could ever have a 'standard' Discworld novel...

Premise: A 9 year old proto-witch's little brother gets stolen by the evil Queen (or quin) of the Faeries. (what is with all the books with evil fae in them lately!). She has the makings of a powerful witch someday, but right now, she's just an over intelligent, nine year old dairy maid. But she's going to get her brother back, not necessarily because she loves him, but because he's HERS! She needs help, though.
Enter the Feegle, or the Wee Free Men. Take all Scottish stereotypes to the extreme, shrink them down to about six inches high, and you get the Feegle. Extremely strong, don't know the meaning of the word fear (actually, they don't know the meaning of a great many words), and loving nothing but fighting, drinking and stealing! And they speak in a Scottish accent. Constantly. I had to read some passages aloud with accent to understand what the hell they meant at some points. "coo beastie" and "ship beastie" had me thrown for almost five minutes until I sounded them out.
If you love the Lancre witches from the regular Discworld novels, you'll thoroughly enjoy this view of what they were, perhaps when they were young. And if you like Scots, well, you'll have a blast, too.
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