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Let's Get It On by Jill Nelson
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Jul 10, 11

bookshelves: kill-yourself-first

Every once in a while I like to stretch a little and try a genre unknown to me...otherwise, why would I EVER read a female black erotica novel?

Now that I've finished it, I'm still asking that question.

Granted, this was written for a specific audience and I fall well outside the parameters. That said, catering to that audience means writing monochromatically. Granted, the author threw in one token white male eventually, but I'm guessing that kind of tokenism when applied the other way around would have infuriated her.

Second objection: lots of description of clothes, and several by name brands.

Third objection: Apparently, black women want to become images of greedy, self-indulgent and snobby white women of high social standing. Personally I would hope for better, less derivative things for them.

I would also hope that they could find something more worthwhile to do with themselves than visit a brothel that services black women in either Reno or Martha's Vineyard. (It seems unlikely that such an institution could realistically exist.)

Fourth objection: The mockery of Bush and his vile politics was carried past the point of ridicule and on beyond stupidity.

Fifth objection: The sleaziness of the characters and of the book in general does not seem fitting for a woman whose work has appeared in respectable publications. This, and her habit of smearing spiritual practices with sexual sleaze...

In other words, this book doesn't deserve to be read. I don't even have a category of books low enough to include it.

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