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Angelmonster by Veronica Bennett
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Jul 10, 2011

it was ok
Read on July 10, 2011

Disappointing novelization of the life of Mary Shelley. Yes, I know the author of 'Frankenstein' had a rough life but, from reading this book, you'd think she'd never had any fun either.

At 16, Mary runs away with the poet, Percy Shelley. The fact that he's already married and broke doesn't stop her. There must have been something between them, some great romance, but Bennett fails to capture it. The reader is left puzzling over why any girl with sense, even an impressionable teenager, would fall for this philandering loser.

By all accounts, Mary Shelley was an impressive person: highly intelligent, attractive, a prolific writer. This also Bennett fails to convey. In her book, Mary comes off as a doormat; someone who just gets impregnated over and over again by a man too irresponsible to feed her properly. The couple sticks together as they litter all of Europe with their dead offspring.

The birth of the novel "Frankenstein" we barely see. Mary talks about 'ideas' but we never see her write anything down. Bennett's choice to present that novel as being published AFTER Percy Shelley's death is another head scratcher. Mary published that novel at age 20. Quite an accomplishment for a young woman and she must have received some money and attention for it but, according to Bennett, Mary was completely dependent on her husband for support.

Overall a big disappointment.

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