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Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett
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Jul 10, 11

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A competent entry into the Discworld annals without ever hitting the philosophical or humourous heights of the best Pratchett books. It's possible to see the seams in this one, and many moments seem simply rehashes of popular Pratchett tropes-- Horace the Cheese is no more than The Luggage, Roland is strongly reminiscent of Verence II and even Tiffany Aching herself sends out too many echoes of Magrat Garlick and Agnes Nitt to be particularly fresh. The plot is fairly standard innocent-sticks-her-nose-in-and-has-to-make-things-right, and it's largely Pratchett's talent for moments that keeps the reader trundling along, rather than any sweep of the narrative. The supporting cast all feel vaguely familiar as well. It's hard not to feel like we've seen them, and it, all before. The Mac Nac Feegle, on the other hand, come across quite well, particularly as they generally feel like a one-joke pony who's stretched the joke out too long, and a collection of leftover Cohen the Barbarian gags. Here they actually embark upon a journey of learning themselves, and come away with some well-realised character development.

That said, bad Pratchett is generally at least the equal of good Almost-Anybody-Else, so it's still an entertaining, thought-provoking and enjoyable ride. Just not quite so much as might be the case, and it's just that bit easier than normal to see the man behind the curtains.

Not as wonderful as Thud! or Night Watch by any stretch, but at least it's not Carpe Jugulum either. Somewhere in between.
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