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The Attributes of God by Arthur W. Pink
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Jul 09, 2011

it was amazing

Pink, A.W. : The Attributes of God (G)(117pgs) After finishing this book I now have a new book to add to my list of favorites. So much valuable material is presented in this small volume. Pink does not waste anytime shattering the view of a small God presented in so much of the preaching today in America. The first chapter is on the “Solitariness of God”. Pink states “During a past eternity, God was alone: self-contained, self-sufficient, self-satisfied; in need of nothing” and “that he did create was simply for his manifestative glory.” Simply put God doesn’t need us, nothing he created added anything to him. This is humbling and opens the eyes to see how great the love of our God that he has revealed himself to us, and sent his Son to redeem the elect. Pink shows this later in the book in describing God’s patience, mercy, and grace. Pink also destroys the typical view of God’s wrath, not neglecting how terrible this is for the reprobate, he shows how for the elect even God’s wrath is merciful. “Even the casting of the reprobate into the Lake of Fire is an act of mercy… But from the standpoint of the redeemed the punishment of the wicked is an act of unspeakable mercy. How dreadful would it be if the present order of things, when the children of God are obliged to live in the midst of the children of the Devil, should continue forever! Heaven would at once cease to be heaven if the ears of the saints still heard the blasphemous and filthy language of the reprobate. What mercy that in the New Jerusalem “there shall in nowise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither worketh abomination” (Rev. 21:27)!” –Pink READ THIS BOOK!

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