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Private Eyes by Jonathan Kellerman
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Jul 09, 2011

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Read in July, 2011

I've been reading Kellerman's Alex Delware series since it started. Although I grew disenchanted with the deterioration of the one-a-year output, I loved the first few so much that I always held out hope that Kellerman would reutrn to his compleling character, his well fleshed out women, his simmering sex scenes, and his mixture of psychological dysfunction, sex, and horror. Private Eyes starts out so well that I was seduced into thinking this was a return to earlier days: the first 80% of the book had interesting developments and odd characters; Milo and Alex have a great history and relationship But the sex (what little there is) has no sensuality. The interplay between Alex and Milo lack the complexity of thier history and the last 20% of the book races to the end with a reveal that lacked adequate foreshadowing and provides over the top psycho sexual dysfunction to make up for the long slow hike to get there. The end wraps up neatly with key characters 'off stage.' It might be time for me to move on :-(

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