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Resource Wars by Michael T. Klare
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Somewhat dated now (in a poignant piece of irony, the author says in the introduction that "At the time of this writing - early December 2001 - it appears that Osama bin Laden will soon be captured or killed.") And of course I'm writing this review in August of 2011, a few months after it actually finally happened.

However, the rest of Klare's forecasts have held up quite a bit better over the near-decade since this book came out, and it looks as if the wars over resources he predicts - primarily fossil fuels, but also metals, gems, and timber - are going to keep unfolding and shape a lot of global politics and warfare in the next couple of decades, unless something catastrophic like a pandemic throws humanity into an even worse predicament. Some other books written more recently, such as The Long Decline, paint supporting pictures of the future of a civilization built on the assumption of infinite supplies of resources that are actually all too finite.

This book would be well worth reading, despite being dated, if all it had to offer were the maps and tables, the appendix listing conflicts and the countries involved, and the bibliography.


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