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Kiss an Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Jul 08, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: good-read, contemporary-romance, stand-alone
Read from October 27 to November 03, 2011

I really enjoyed this novel with it's unique setting. I love the characters and the cliche of the story. Daisy is truly all-heart that you just couldn't help but love her. The one thing I love the most about this novel is the changes that occurs in all the characters--primary and secondary--thorough story. Some story made the changes occur to rapidly but in this one, the changes are gradual. I suspected early on that Alex is not what he seems but I had no idea how right I was! I just love how Daisy changed Alex and vice versa. They are just so sweet together!!

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Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“Well alright then," His eyes glittered. "I get my kicks whipping woman I have sex with and you're next on my list. Now I'm going to take a shower.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“I don't love you anymore", she whispered. "I don't love you at all." His throat closed. "It's all right, sweetheart. I love you enough for both of us.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel
tags: love

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“I take thee... to be my awful wedded husband”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“Did you eat my Twinkies?"
She gulped. Keeping her eyes glued to the whip, she said, "Exactly what Twinkies are we talking about?"
"The Twinkies in the cupboard over the sink. The only Twinkies in the trailer." His fingers convulsed around the coils of leather.
Oh, Lord, she thought. Flayed to death for a Twinkle.
"It, uh — it won't happen again, I promise you. But they didn't have any special marking on them, so there was no way I could tell they were yours." Her eyes remained riveted on the whip. "And normally I wouldn't have eaten them— I never eat junk food-—but I was hungry last night, and, well, when you think about it, you'll have to admit I did you a favor because they're clogging my arteries now instead of yours."
His voice was quiet. Too quiet. In her mind she heard the howl of a rampaging Cossack baying at a Russian moon. "Don't touch my Twinkies. Ever. If you want Twinkies, buy your own.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“I don't care how much evidence the state presented. I've never for one moment believed he murdered that waitress.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel

Susan Elizabeth Phillips
“Get inside before I spank you in public."

There it was again, another of his maddening threats. Did that mean he wouldn't spank her if she did as he said or that he simply planned to spank her in private? She was still mulling over the whole unpleasant concept when he started the truck.”
Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Kiss an Angel

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