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Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card
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I started reading about Bean, but just couldn’t get into it for some reason. I think I have Emotional Burnout for Andrew “Ender” Wiggins right now. It's not the story itself that made me put it down, because it is already shaping up to be a worthy tale that should be told. I’ll give it another go once my brain is freed up from the turmoil of their lives and my own.

The important thing to remember when reading this type of sequel, is to let it stand on its on.
Remember, this is the story of Bean's life and how he came to be who and what he was in his time - not Ender's. I feel the need to repeat this - Ender's Shadow is Beans story, not Enders, which is why it is rightfully named Ender's Shadow.
IMO, from most of the reviews I've read here and other places on the Web, people seem to have forgotten that concept.

Update: 7-12-2013
I saw a post on Facebook about the Ender's Game movie today and felt inclined to come back here. I thought I would've finished this book by now, but unfortunately I have not. I know, I know. Unfair for my review. Which is why this is why I don't have much to say on the matter for now. I am looking forward to seeing the movie though. My opinion on why I set the book aside hasn't changed. The storyline is still intriguing, I just haven't felt compelled enough to pick it back up, which is why I said it's unfair for my review.

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