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Under the Boardwalk by Linda Howard
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Jul 10, 11

Read in July, 2011

The first story, Blue Moon by Linda Howard, is a solid romantic tale. Lilah lives on an island far from the rest of town, keeps to herself, and there are whispers that she's a witch. Jackson is the county sheriff called to investigate a potential troublemaker headed for her property. The moment Lilah and Jackson touch, they know they are meant to be together. One of the nice things that can happen in shorter stories like this is the absolute conviction the two leads can have in each other. There doesn't need to be a lot of outside conflict, because hey, you've only got 70 pages to fill. A lovely read.

In stark contrast, the second story, Castaway by Geralyn Dawson, is awful. It's like there are two stories being told: The man wanting the woman, and the woman wanting his heirloom. And I'm not talking euphemistically here. She is just so completely unlikable - she's selfish, snobbish and petty. You start off with the man's point of view, and beginning that way, it is almost impossible to think of her as not being the wrongdoer, and then instead of apologizing for leaving him ten years ago, she acts like a spoiled child. And then the end is just ridiculous in light of the history of the two characters.

I really loved the third story, Ruined by Jillian Hunter. Sydney is a naive professor's daughter, engaged to a duke. Rylan "Wicked" DeWilde is the notorious lord on whose beach she's shipwrecked. Their attraction is immediate, and once he finds out the cruel man she's engaged to, he decides he must have her for himself. Some really great sensuality, and who doesn't love a wicked leading man?

Buried Treasure by Miranda Jarrett was okay, although the reluctance of the heroine grated, and the resolution was a bit sudden for my tastes.

And Swept Away by Miranda Stewart was so boring, I cleaned my basement about halfway through the book. It was good up until they met on vacation, then it was just soooo boring! They held hands and walked the boardwalk and blah blah blah, and then a one-paragraph consummation, and then back to the hand holding. Maybe if I were 16 or 65 I'd be entertained by that kind of thing, but at this point in my life I want something more.

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